Sunday, December 29, 2013

Be a Champion…why not?

Dear Family-

Oh how I love you! It was so good to see your faces and know that nothing has really changed. And the babies are adorable as ever. 

Sorry...I have spent my email time writing essays. so.

This week was wonderful! We had a mission conference on Christmas Eve. It is always amazing to feel the power from other missionaries. I am so blessed to be serving here and with the people I am serving with. SO GOOD. We also got to hear from 한인상. He was actually President Morrise's mission president! The title of this email is his a champion. Why not? he talked about being ourselves, not pretending. Just be you and start from there. He such a motivation for me to be a better give a full, not partial, BECOME like our Savior, not just teach about Him. Because there is NO WAY to become more Christlike without also bettering every other aspect of our lives.

We spend Christmas day with two WONDERFUL families from our Camp Humphry's branch (mom...I gave angels to both of them ^^). one family for breakfast and one for dinner, with a nap in between. We sure are spoiled! I will try and tell more about them next week?

I am grateful to be a missionary. To be here, in Korea, serving. It means so much to me...I hope you know that. and I hope you know how grateful I am to each of you that helped me get here. 

xoxo, Sister Bassett

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas…again!

my lovely family!

so. we are emailing today. because I will be talking to you so soon, I don't have much to say!

Korea is wonderful as ever. It is so wonderful/strange to also be serving in our 2 English branches with the base. I LOVE those members though. and I can understand them! even the kids! it is awesome. Our 평택 ward is also fabulous. The them. We had 2 investigators at the ward Christmas party and they just loved them. One of them had to go early, but the other one was invited to church and the ward camp out and offered rides to everything. it was great. we have had NO investigators or anything, and the all of the sudden, in like the last week and a half, we are so busy. yesterday a sister just came to church...She isn’t sure if she has faith, so she has been attending a lot of churches. to she came to ours and wants to learn! We sat with her through sacrament, but then had to leave to a member's house for the english branch. but our wonderful members took such good care of her! 

I love this thought from the December Liahona from Elder Bruce D. Porter-

"We are all captive...and we all have need to be set free. Whatever binds us- sins, circumstances, or past events- the Lord Jesus Christ, the great Immanuel, came to set us free."

He lives. He is our Redeemer and our Friend. He is the Christ.

all my love, Sister Bassett
- that big tree was outside of our subway station in Pyeongtaek. we loved it. and sister g and i rockin the coats we wore everyday of the winter!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

oh come let us adore Him

this week I ate new Korean food. cow tastes a lot like corn? The Koreans love it. It is kind of expensive here, but we had it at an all-you-can-eat meat place. Picture like Rodizio's, but you cook your own meat. There is just this huge table of frozen meat, you pick what you want, and there is a little grill in the middle of your table. So you just cook it yourself! Cool, huh? Also, I tried duck intestine? I think? Mom, that picture that you saw of me? From Sister Pak? yeah, that was that night. We went out for duck, which I love! So yummy! You fry the duck meat (again, the grill is just in the middle of your table) and then eat it with rice or wrap it in lettuce. Yum! duck intestine? maybe not so yum. But I always want to try everything once.
It is real cold here. Remember that fat black coat I brought? I wear it everyday! it is awesome. We are getting really good at layering. I bought some boots here...little fur-lined things that make me look like a grandma and I love them. Plus some thick socks (thanks for those, mom!) leggings or two pairs of tights, a dress, cardigan, sweater, coat. plus hat and gloves. it is awesome. Everyone wears puffy jackets! When we sit on the subway close together or everyone is packed in there, it is like a great big pillow. and they sweep the snow here! since the sidewalks are  like paverstones. it doesn't snow a ton, just super icey.
We had a cookie exchange with our Humphry's branch on Saturday. So awesome! I love love those sisters so much. It was like being back at smelled like Christmas and cookies. and even lemon bars! they take such good care of us. and we love them for it. We will probably be going there for Christmas breakfast and dinner!
Our Korean ward also had a 가정의밤 (friendship night? kinda?) on Sunday. We watched the Christmas devotional. Our bishop is awesome. and his them! He served a misison for the deaf here in Korea, so I learned a few more signs! I can say "my grandparents are deaf, so I know ASL. But I don't know Korean sign." and "I am a missionary." and "goodbye!" (literally translates to "stay in peace"). We had three recent converts there and a bunch of ward members.
also...We found an investigator! actually, she is a former investigator. we have been calling through the area books, and we started meeting with her this week. She is just lovely. and her son and crazy and adorable. we love them! She really wants to learn English, but also has questions about our gospel. And she is planning to come to the ward Christmas party on Saturday. yes! We also had a miracle yesterday...we had this goal to have three investigators at Sacrament meeting. We called so many people and invited and did everything we could. But no one came. SO God sent a miracle! Three high school girls came to church. One has been an investigator in the past, but her mom won't let her get baptized. So she brought her two friends yesterday. It was awesome. They will also come next week, and hopefully meet this week!
We set goals for next transfer today. HUGE goals. but we feel good about it. And we KNOW that when we call down the powers of heaven, miracles happen. This week at the temple, that was impressed on my heart again. I just cried and cried. plus there is this Elder Dewey that looks so much like Ross and I say he is my little brother and I just pictured Rossy in the temple and on his mission. So many tears. MIRACLES! it is real!
I am so grateful for Christmas. oh, come, let us adore Him. Him who gives purpose to our lives and peace to our hearts, Him who came to set us free, to release us from death and cut the cords of sin that bind us. Let us adore and worship Him, the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I believe in Christ. I love Him and I know that He lives. I know it like never before. Jesus Christ was born in a manger, He preached the Gospel and established this Church. He died and was resurrected. And He did indeed appear to Joseph Smith in a grove now called sacred. I testify of Him. and what a blessing that is. oh, come, let us adore Him...during this Christmas season and in every season of our lives.
Merry Christmas!
all my love, Sister Bassett

Sunday, December 8, 2013

love those Korean grandmas

Dear Family-
I love you, I LOVE you, I LOVE YOU!
Another wonderful week in Korea! Sister Goines and I have started switching off every week with one of the sets of Elders going to the English military branches. So, every week we go to Church or FHE and then switch for the next week. it is great. I am just LOVING these families. and I can talk to the kids...and they understand me...which is crazy. and awesome. They are from all over the US with all different backgrounds and all living and loving the gospel. it has been really interesting to suddenly be transplanted into and English branch! But it is so good.
I love Koean grandmas. have I told you that lately? they are so great. and they think we are beautiful. and tell us that everyday. This week we met the sweetest little grandma on the subway. She looked through all our family pictures (mine and Sister Goines') and told us about her family. She wouldn't take our Book of Mormon, but she loved us! She just held Sister Goines hand the whole time ^^ and then that night, she called to remind us who she was. and that we needed to have dinner together. and say "love you! goodnight!" AHHH! but. she lives in 대전 mission. heart broken! she was lovely.

I also got to talk to another little grandma carrying a large bag of who knows what across the subway station. I was on exchanges with Sister Goodnough....We came to the top of the escalator and she was standing there, looking at her bag. so of course we offered to help! We talked a little, helped her to where she needed to be, and we were off. But not before she grabbed my hand and told me that we looked like angels...that we were angels to her. In the Bible, it says that Christ "went about doing good" and once in a while, I feel like I am truly His representative as I try to do likewise. I am grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who has given us the chances to serve.
Contacting. That is still the name of the game! because we don't actually have investigators. so hi former investigators! we have been calling through old record so much. and we actually have an appointment for next week!
I went to my first MLC...mission leadership council. WOW! it is such a blessing to serve with such wonderful missionaries. They talked about being messengers of joy...I am still studying that one out, so I'll write more next week ^^ and, I have found that I have lots to say. the Zone Leaders ask if I have any comments, I say "um...just..." and then proceed to talk for like 5 minutes. Sound familiar? haha. We also had Zone training this week, which was awesome. again, wonderful missionaries! We have been talking a lot about how to use the Book of Mormon in teaching and contacting. Don't teach the gospel of Sister Bassett, teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. all the time.
We also had the chance to go to the hospital this week. there are 6 very old grandmas in this room together. one of them in a widow of an American soldier, so we got in contact with her through Elder and Sister Riding who serve on the base. (the Ridings are the BEST! we love them so!) we go and sing hymns, stick hearts on the wall, and just hold their hand. Mrs. Lewis, the widow, is deaf. So I learned how to say "Hello! My name is Sister Bassett. I am so glad to meet you!" in Korean sign language. kinda cool. the other women just hum along while we sing. We also met their of which used to meet with the missionares. Coincidence? I think not!
I am beyond grateful for your love and support. We are in this together...members and missionaries...hastening the work of salvation.
xoxo, Sister Bassett

Sunday, December 1, 2013

turkey day. and questions

Hey mom! wow, that was a lot of questions in your email. so I answered them least a little bit!
What is your apartment like? it is brand new and so cute. small, but cute. I think we are the first people to live in it! we have our little kitchen (with a washer under to stove...not an oven ^^) and a bathroom, our bedroom (our clothes and fold-up beds are in there) and our little study room.
How do you do your laundry? in our washer. then there is a tiny little room with a tile floor and a rack for drying them. they don't really do the dryer thing here. so we just hang them up, sometimes turn the fan on, depending how wet they are, and wait!
Where exactly do you live? I don't have the address right now...but the area is in Suwon. my little city is Songtan. my area covers from Osan to Pyeongtaek. so if you look up those cities, you can get an idea. i'll send the address next week.
How many are in your ward or branch? so in my area, we have our Korean ward with maybe 70 people, then our two military branches (from Osan base and Humphry's base) and each branch has like 40 in it. it is awesome. we go to Osan or Humphry's church every other week and our Korean ward every week. they are awesome. the church is so cool. Yesterday at testimony meeting, I bore my testimony about how grateful I was so soldiers who live their faith...because that brought my grandfather into the church, here in Korea, so many years ago. they are great.
How is the language coming? so hard. still. sometimes I feel like maybe I will just never learn it? and that's ok? but other times I feel like it is finally coming. it just depends. still a lot of work. I read something the other day in one of my study books, though, and I really loved it. It talked about how if we are sincere in our study and desire, we can master Korean. because the Lord has sent us here to do just that. but on the plus side, people say my Korean handwriting is really good. so that's cool! because I have never had a Korean companion, my Korean doesn't sound very natural. but people understand me! for the most part...
What is transportation like? we travel EVERYWHERE. subway and bus, mostly. the bus drivers sometimes forget that they are driving buses and not motorcyles, so that is fun! from one end to the other is maybe a 35 minute subway ride. once you get on the subway, that is. I can't figure our the exact schedule, so sometimes we wait for up to like 30 minutes for a subway! the Koreans have it in their blood I think...they will be sleeping on the subway, like so asleep, then the subway stops, they wake up, and walk off. What? how did they know where we were? it is hilarious. Sister Goines and I can't figure it out.
Do you volunteer as missionaries? yes! sometimes? Where? in my last area, we cleaned trash from a hiking trail. we delivered food to elderly people on government welfare once. and we are going to start visiting these old ladies in a hospital in this area. and no, we can't volunteer at orphanages.
ok. there you go!
This week for Thanksgiving, the members of our two military branches had ALL the missionaries in their homes for Thanksgiving. I mean ALL! between the two branches, about 130 missionaries were fed. it was the best! Our 'family' was the greatest husband and wife. Member missionaries for sure! and so kind. We all stood in a circle before dinner and said what we were grateful for, and I just cried! There was so much love in that home. and it was delicious. Turkey and cornbread and greenbean cassarole and mashed potatoes and stuffing. yes, the mashed potatoes were so creamy. It sounds like I had a more American Thanksgiving than Garret and Dad! We had such a wonderful experience. So much to be grateful for! Our couple, the Spillanes, were wonderful and so open hearted. they invited 5 other men there who don't have family is a member who just started coming back to church and 3 were nonmembers. The fifth was a member who is such a member missionary! it was a great experience. One of the nonmembers, Rick, talked about how they are out protecting our country...but then he comes home to boys sagging their pants and doing nothing good with their lives. He said that we, the missionaries, give him hope for the future that he is defending. In turn, we got to tell about our church and missionary work, why we are here and what we believe. There was a beautiful spirit in the room that I'm sure they could all feel. At the end of dinner, Brother Spillane gathered everyone in the living room, explained that we would be sharing a spiritual messate (they all believe in God), and gave the time to us. It was great. And Rick will be coming with Sean to FHE tonight. I truly think that he is prepared. And he has a wife and 3 kids at home in the states. so we will see!
THANK YOU shoutout! to Ally, best sister! I loved the Christmas tree and the adorable pictures! and of course that skirt. and chocolate. YUM! and Aunt Lisa! I made the pancakes for breakfast! I laughed when I opened them! I feel so lucky and blessed everytime I open a letter from one of my beloved family and friends back home. You are the best!
I started reading Jesus the Christ last week. I have read parts, but never the whole thing all the way through. I made a goal to read the whole thing before Christmas. anyone want to join me?
I am so grateful for our Savior. I know this is His church. I know God loves us and He listens to our prayers. His choice isn't always what we wanted or thought we needed, but it is always right.
make it a great week!
all my love, Sister Bassett

hey mom! so this is the family I was with for Thanksgiving. it was so so wonderful.

from left to right, top row- Montrese (friends with Sean), Elder Pruner, Elder Atkin, Elder Sanderson, Vince (he is from Togo, in Africa! we talked all about Africa. I sang the Swahili song.  (friend of the Spillanes. so awesome!), Elder Breinholt, Rick (told the most hilarious stories about his kids and wife. they are back home in the states.) Erik and Sean (the BEST member missionary! we love him so much).

bottom row- me!, sister Saunders, sister Goines, Sister Carter, sister Spillane.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

a novel

Dear family-
Mom asked me to tell her everything..."Tell me about everything. The people, the sights, your feelings, your new companion, the Korean language, the food. I want to hear it all!"
So here it goes!
it is so strange to sit here and email you while I can hear movies on the computer next to me and all these high school age boys are in here playing video games. and yelling. Shouldn't they be in school? maybe it is there lunch time? Sister Goines and I always here doing our missionary email.
Speaking of Sister Goines...she is SO awesome. I feel like she was sent here to train me! I am amazed at her faith. She just wants to set all the goals! and reach them! we are talking to so many people. Still no investigators, but I am loving it here. 평택 ward is awesome. they feed us so good. plus I have about 12 pounds of kimchi in the fridge. good thing we both love it! everyday we eat our meals on the floor. today's lunch is a pretty good example...rice, kim (the seaweed stuff), mandu (like potstickers), and kimchi. because it is getting really cold, we usually fry our kimchi or make this kind of soup stuff. and lots of veggies...they are so cheap! mushrooms or pumkin-zuchinni things or cucumbers. and Koreans always have fruit for dessert. after lunch and dinner. so we have lots of bananas or oranges or apples. I love that.
and yes, it is cold here! I can only imagine how Rossy is feeling because I am freezing! yesterday it was raining. and I was wearing little black flats. and my feet were so wet. good thing for my Korean coat! and tights...I go through like a pair a week. seriously. we layer on every morning...tights. skirt. shirt. button down. cardigan. inside coat liner (with fur^^), outside shell thing. scarf. I maybe will die in the winter?
one thing that I love about Koreans is how they take care of us. Two little foreigners! just for example...I was waiting at a bus stop and asked this girl if it went to the high school by the apartments we were looking for. she said yes. and she was riding the same bus! so we talked to her, introduced the Book of Mormon. She wouldn't take it, but was really nice! so as we are riding the bus, we are looking for the apartments and almost missed our stop! but she gets up from her seat, taps me on the shoulder and says "this is your stop!" ah. thank you! that also happened while I was on exchanges with Sister Ward in 신갈. I am so grateful for these sweet sisters that I get to serve with! It is weird to be the one conducting exchanges rather than just going on them. I am so blessed to get to learn from so many sisters as their STL though! and, a little miracle for me on that exchange, I talked to their bishop for like 20 minutes! in Korean! of course, it was still a challenge and I didn't really understand some, but it was an awesome moment.
another time...also on the bus...I asked the bus driver if 반지 apartments was in his route. He said yes. But, the stop is the name of this high school. so we didn't know to get off. so he waits. and we still don't get off. so he says "this is the stop." and points out the apartments. thanks for really nice bus drivers out here!
because we travel ALL the time. seriously lots. subway and bus and once in a while taxi. and our lovely members drive us a lot. We had dinner as the Relief Society president's house. and they gave me a teapot. Koreans are the most giving people. she is a returned missionary also and so helpful. with less actives and she is helping us try to have the Relief Society act on Elder Ballard's talk...that if we each would pray and have one person to refer to the missionaries by Christmas, millions of people would be touched. and what a Christmas gift to Christ. We gave out cards on Sunday for them to give to friends and family. Next week we will give out a quote. because working through the members is the best way!  speaking of that talk, HOW is that going for EACH OF YOU? right? because you are the awesome family that you are, I'm sure you already are praying for a missionary opportunity. I know that Heavenly Father will help you. for this is His work.
Yesterday in our English Branch, Brother Moffet gave such a great talk on gratitude. He mentioned that "gratitude isn't the light at the end of the path, it is realizing that there is sunlight all along the path. LOTS of it!" and there is! I loved that. finding sunlight everyday. even in the winter.
so, the Korean people? I love them.
the sights? beautiful and new.
my feelings? I am so blessed and grateful and love the feeling of being a missionary.
my companion? awesome.
the language? difficult...but it is a gift everytime I experience the gift of tongues.
the food? delicious!
anyone coming into the Seoul South mission, get ready! we work hard. we love people. and it is the best thing ever. Best mission in the world! (we think so ^^)
I love you all. eat lots of turkey and stuffing. and PIE! all the missionaries in our mission are having thanksgiving with families from the base, so it will be YUM!
I know our Savior lives. He loves us. We have the most precious gift in the world. and we have to share it.
xoxo, Sister Bassett

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Hello Everyone!
anyone who is reading this, I hope you know how much I LOVE you! seriously. Out here I am more grateful than ever for the wonderful people that blessed and shaped my life. and THANK YOU for the birthday love! Grandma Morrise, I love that sweater! I wore it last week :) thank you! it is so cute. and the scarf! you are so good at that! it is really really cold here, so I am grateful! and Grandma and grandpa Bassett! thank you for the sweet note. I am so grateful for your love and example. You are amazing! I look up to you both. ah. I just feel so blessed. and everyone who emailed. and for all your love.
this week. hello subway! just between Friday, Saturday and Sunday we were traveling for about 12 hours or so. it is awesome! we live so far from everyone. but... it's because we had Stake conference (SO GOOD) and a joint mission conference. Yeah! Seoul and Seoul South missions together! so I got to see my old MTC companion and all sorts of fun stuff. it was amazing. I have to go quick today because we have to travel (yay!) to get my companion's foreigner card today. But it was so good. It was at my old stake center, the same day as our stake conference, so a lot of my old ward members were there. it was So fun tosee them! and they were so happy. I guess they really did love me ;) But I love my new ward also. They are so good. and our english branch!
I just realized that we have to meet the senior couple in 10 minutes who is driving us today. so we have to go! Be missionaries! it is the best feeling ever.
xoxo, Sister Bassett

Sunday, November 10, 2013

hello from 평택!‏

Hi! ah. we made it. yes. I am in the country! SO different from my last area. I mean...the subway station is outside! there are tractors! haha so awesome.
I said goodbye to so many members of Bongcheon ward this week. and cried so many tears. Especially saying goodbye to Sister Pak.  She is so lovely. Sister Morrise came to serve with us for one day, and she just assumed Sister Pak had been a member forever! so wonderful. We got to go out to lunch with her and her husband. I wouldn't trade my time sharing the gospel with her for anything.
we also went to dinner with an older couple in our ward. Their son was converted through meeting the missionaries at English class! he went on to serve a mission and moved to Provo for BYU. when his parents came to visit, seperately, they both got baptized! so they are converts of about 5 and 3 1/2 years. so...we went to this tofu restaurant and I (choked down) ate like 20 pounds of tofu. when we were walking back, she just held my hand and talked to me in Korean, saying that if people see us missionaries walking and talking with a Korean grandma, they will think we are a good church. so it is a really good idea :) love her!
I also tried real sushi. like a chunk of raw fish on top of rice with wasabi. it was pretty good! crazy spicey. i could breath really good afterward :)
my companion is wonderful. Sister Goines. she is from Fresno California. cool huh, mom! We had training in 송파 and then a THREE HOUR subway trip to 평택. we laughed so much. and lugged her huge suitcases. and had to transfer 3 times. and at one of the stations, I forgot about the huge stairwell, so we had to carry them down! that was an adventure.
and then we are here! we went to church 2 times yesterday...our english branch from the base and our Korean ward. Not gonna lie, understanding EVERYTHING at church was really weird. one of the families reminds me SO much of the Hemmings! the parents looke like Travis and Angela and they have two little girls about the same years apart as Ali and Rori. and the wife ACTS like Angela (so smiley and happy and loving...and an RM)! it is so funny. like watching their family 15 years ago! or Ali in like 7 years? our Korean ward. LOVE them already. they haven't had sister missionaries for 15 years, so they are really happy! and so are we! we are going to light this place on fire! so excited. My companion is awesome and just ready to work. I feel like we have really similar goals and vision, so it will be all sorts of wonderful. and I will start going on exchanges soon as sister training leader, so I'm getting ready for that! any advice? the wards are already taking care of us! we got like 10 pounds of kimchi at church yesterday. and had dinner at a family-from-the-base's house. meatloaf and mashed potatoes and icecream. it was heavenly. such a good birthday dinner.
speaking of that! best ever! thanks for all the love and birthday wishes.
because of the new area...we are emailing in a PC room. it is kinda...yeah. full of gamers? and people smoking? yep. Ross, I feel ya!
I just LOVE being a missionary! It feels so good. I love you all. I miss you. BUT I am praying for you all and so grateful for your support. Our Savior lives. I know it.
xoxo, Sister Bassett

Sunday, November 3, 2013

leaves and letter man's jackets

Dear Family-

autumn has arrived! and I love it here just like I love it at home! but, good news! the leaves are HUGE. like bigger than my face. and they have walls just covered in vines, painting the streets red and yellow. it is beautiful. and all the students at Seoul National University are sporting their letter man's jackets. for stuff like 'math and statistics' or 'engineering' or 'music department.' it is kind of awesome. and it is cold! good thing for lots of scarves ^^

wow. this week was so GREAT! we had a rockin' Halloween party on Saturday night! seriously, it was good! kind of crazy and scattered, but everyone had a good time. We had lots of members there and so many of our English class students...some great fellowshipping went on! Sister Fudge and I made tons of little spiders and other decorations, games (cake walk and ring toss and the like), and then the ward did dinner. SUCCESS! Bishop gave his stamp of approval. The missionaries always have one, but they haven't done it with the ward. just with English class. It was really good to mix the two groups. and a wonderful note to leave Bongcheon on. because....

I am getting TRANSFERRED! so sad! I have loved these past 6 months (can you believe how the time has flown?) in this area. I have grown so much. It was in this area that I learned to love kimchi and ride the bus and navigate the subway. I learned to laugh at myself more, to love others more, and to rely on the Savior more. I truly LOVE my ward. SO MANY tears! yesterday at church I just cried and cried as I sat next to Sister Pak. and her adorable son and husband, who, by the way, came to the Halloween party and comes to church like every week! AND they both went to Gospel Principles yesterday! yes! I love them so. 봉천 has become home.

I am leaving for Pyeong Tek. to be a trainer. It will be an adventure! because guess what? I am training AND opening the area for sisters AND being sister training leader. what?! yeah. lots of prayers! but I know how much God helps His missionaries, so it will be fine. more than fine! it will be a MIRACLE!

speaking of miracles, yesterday we taught a great lesson. the only one all week! we have this week sister in our ward who is mentally handicapped and her friend is as well. so we started teaching her friends yesterday. She wants to be baptized. We taught very simply, and that was the best part. She kept asking how to pray, so we taught her. "when do I need to pray?" "every morning, and night. and we pray before we eat." "ok. I will pray. every morning. every night. before I eat." she has a simple and childlike faith...just like we all should. We introduced the Book of Mormon and had to tell her again and again that she didn't need to read the whole thing. She is lovely! 

and a personal miracle for me was that I actually could explain things to her! I felt like I was saying the right thing. the language is still so frustrating to me...possibly the hardest thing! but I live for the tiny moments when I feel the Spirit working through me and I know in my heart that I am a successful missionary. My Korean is still so poor, but it is coming. slowly. the Lord is letting me study Korean and patience! ^^ 

for the whole month of October we only taught 7 lessons. and getting letters from my other missionary friends, who don't have enough time to teach all the lessons they have investigators different here! I thought that a lot...why we are sent to where we are. and I still don't have a great answer, I know that we are servants of God, where HE needs us to be. and this month, Sister Fudge and I talked to more that 260 people! 260 children of God. and that is amazing to me.

I love you all so much! I am grateful everyday for you. Be examples of the believers! I know that our Savior lives and loves us. God is real. Heaven will be in our hearts if we allow it.

have a great week!
Love, Sister Bassett

Sunday, October 27, 2013

one more week

Dearest Family-

I felt like I was in America last week emailing at President's house! we had a Sister's Conference, so we had to email there. Today I'm back home at Cafe Justin emailing on the borrowed computer. 

It is starting to get cold here. Gar and Ross...I got my awesome winter coat at a flea market near our house. It is so way too big on me! whatever. it's warm. and like 18 American dollars. The afternoons are beautiful. crisp air, just like fall should be! and the leaves are starting to change colors. 

We have fewer investigators than we would like (read We have zero investigators meeting at the moment) so we have been able to do a lot of street conversations! President has asked that we have "conversations" and not "contacts". It has been super good! And we've spent lots of time English flyer-ing. We just stand at the subway exit and pass out little papers for our English class. It always generates good conversations! and tons of people get to see two smiling foreigners. so that's awesome. I accidentally gave fliers to 2 other 외국인 (foreigners) this week! funny and awkward. especially when one looks at you, so confused, and says "thank you?" so i just laugh and say "oh...hi!" We are having a big Halloween party in our English class this Saturday which we are really excited about. Our whole ward is in on it! Our bishopric told us that the missionaries always have a Halloween party, but it has never been like a ward event. WHAT? how can we do it without them? seriously...our bishopric is the best. I will cry if I ever have to leave them! which might be soon. because transfers calls are this saturday. yikes. This little spot of the city is my home! anyway. so yay Halloween! it should be great.

in other news...we found TWO less-actives this week! and they BOTH said we could come again and visit! (fist pump) there are, sadly, so many lost members of the Church here. More than active members by a long shot. so we try our best to focus on a few. our ward is awesome about being friends with them.
I still love being a missionary! I feel like I am still such a young little missionary. but it is not the case! life moves by so quickly.
I love you all. I pray for you and think about your lives. I am grateful for your testimonies that have built mine. In a small way, each of you is sharing your light here in Korea because I took it with me.
xoxo, Sister Bassett
Sister’s Conference! SO fun!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Conference and Crosswalks

Dearest Family-

Hey! sorry about last week. 

So...Conference was so wonderful! we got to watch it all together as a zone. in English. So that was great! I loved how much putting God first was emphasized. It seemed like one talk after another was about the first great commandment of loving God with all our heart...with all we are. 

What have we even done lately...had some delicious Korean food with investigators and members. talked to tons of people to try and find new investigators. We do a lot of street contacting here. talking to people at crosswalks. on the subway. anywhere we are going. it is starting to be a lot of fun! crazy, I know, but it is! who would have thought that I could enjoy talking to random strangers so much? I have learned to talk about anything! their beautiful necklace or cute shoes, their little kids (and talking about my nieces and nephew), about learning Korean. and mostly about serving here as missionaries to teach about Jesus Christ. we don't knock doors very often, just lots of 'conversations' is what we call them. and it really gives my Korean a workout. 

There is still so much that I don't understand and can't say! a few days ago, we were talking to two old grandmas, who turned out to be Jehovah's Witnesses. I thought I understood their question, so I started answering. about where we were from and what we are doing....the usual. then she started giving me a really confused look. when she said her question again, I had totally misunderstood. and I still didn't know what she was talking about! so...we did an awkward laugh and started talking about something else. story of my life! so fun. it always gives Sister Fudge and I something to laugh about. about a week and a half ago, Sister Fudge and I were walking down the street and talking about what a GOOD day it had been! no lessons. no golden contacts. but we had talked to so many people. and it feels good! missionary good.

It is starting to get cold here! any sister coming to this mission, bring boots you can wear everyday in the winter! Mom, I got an awesome winter coat at this flea market for like $20. already worn, but whatever! i needed something really warm that I could wear everyday.

I love you all so much!

Sister Bassett

Sunday, October 13, 2013

시간 많이 없어요‏

Hi! I hardly have anytime.

Just wanted to let you know that I love you! I think you are all the best. Thanks for you prayers and support and letters and love. It means so much to me!

being a missionary is the greatest blessing. I can't imagine any place I would rather be!

xoxo, Sister Bassett

Sunday, October 6, 2013

this week!‏

Dear Family-

Sister P was confirmed on Sunday. It was a beautiful end to a week filled with small personal miracles. AND her husband, Brother K, has expressed some interest in the Church! We will begin teaching him this week, or maybe next? I am so happy. The ward is fellowshipping them so well. It makes my heart swell with joy and gratitude to think about her.

One thing that our mission is focusing on it having 'conversations' not just contacts. And this week, while looking up things the Bible Dictionary, I came across the word conversation. It means "behavior, way of life, or conduct." WOW! being an example of the believers, as Joshua says, in CONVERSATION has a whole new meaning. It's not just about TALKING to people, it is about becoming someone. Who we are and how we live is our 'conversation' to the world. 

this week I had the blessing of being in the just the right place at the right time. nothing huge...we didn't meet any new investigators or anything like that, but just little acts of service and feeling RIGHT about where we were. first we took a picture of us in our 한복s to the guy who sold them to us. and his wife was there! we had a nice little conversation ^^ she is a member of another church. we talked to a few other people, then helped a woman coming home from a trip to China. Her bags were so heavy! she happened to live just behind the church, the street we were taking to go home! another good conversation and being able to just help somebody out.

our ward is getting the spirit of missionary work in them...certain members. I can feel it! and it is awesome. They are reading this book called "Wonderful Ward Missionaries" in English (i think) and it is so great. We took one of our investigators, Lena, to a RS activity and she was SO included. and the three of us are going to dinner at a Sister's house on Tuesday night! (Note from Sister Bassett’s mom…I think the book they are reading is The Power of Everyday Missionaries by Clayton Christensen…a GREAT book for us all to read!)

I love you all. This week I have had SO many answers to prayers. Heaven can come VERY close to our close as we will let it. I KNOW our Father in Heaven lives and loves us. Jesus Christ is our Savior. We WILL find answers as we read the Book of Mormon. 

have a wonderful week! especially you sisters coming home from the cruise!

xoxo, Sister Bassett

Love making these!! Vegetable pancakes…mmmmmm…delicious!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sister P

Dearest Family-

Last Monday we hiked 관악산... Gwanak Mountain. not sure how high it is, but it was pretty long! So fun. I love nature and have missed it living in this big city! our whole Zone went together. The Koreans get all dressed up when they go hiking...seriously. Like special pants and backpacks and walking poles. it is a big deal. so having about 18 foreigners in t-shirts and sweatpants was hilarious to them! 

Our English class. Still one of my favorite things, but we have this older lady to comes now and makes it a little difficult. and hilarious. Elder Westbrook is always laughing his head off or so frustrated. She just kinda yells out words...if we are speaking in Korean, she yells any words she knows in English. and if we are speaking English, any words she knows in Korean! haha good times!

This week was full of meetings again. We got to attend the temple on Thursday. SO GOOD! Ross will love the Seoul temple when he gets to go. It was a beautiful day outside and even more beautiful inside. And I got to do the family name that Landon found. Thanks Lanny! It made me all teary-eyed when I looked at his name on the card. no matter where we are in the world or what is going on, the temple is truly a place of refuge. It is the house of God. and you can feel it.We always get to have a testimony meeting before we go in...I am amazed by the missionaries I get to serve with! It is so powerful.

Then Friday was Zone Conference. I love President Morrise! really. everyone does. He read pieces of people's letters from our mission to show the miracles. As a whole, we are working MIRACLES here in Korea! sometimes it is hard to see that from where I am at...just walking around and trying to talk to people and teach. but from that vantage point, we really are making a difference. 

so, the best for last! on Tuesday, we went over the baptismal interview questions with Sister P. She is truly prepared. It has been the greatest blessing to be the missionaries that got to teach and learn with her. It was a beautiful experience...holy in so many get to watch her testimony grow and her faith strengthen. on Sunday after her baptism, a member of our bishopric said to me "she has prepared well for baptism...she won't be going in-active! this is what missionary work is all about, right? this, right here!" and he was right. Her cousins and aunt came up for the baptism. and her cousin got to baptize her. Sister Fudge and I sang "Come Thou Fount" right after her aunt bore her testimony. Sister P just had tears running down her face. She is a special soul and everyone can feel it. Her husband also came to church and the baptism. a beautiful family! that night, we texted her and asked her to write down how she felt after her baptism. "Bassett and Fudge missionaries....good good good and good!" was her response. the warmth and light emanating  from her was tangible. 

That is why I am out here! to invite people to come to Christ. I'm not perfect, but I know the way. We all do. The gospel has given us that blessing...we know the way to peace and joy and safety and confidence and guidance and all other good things. The light in Sister Pak has inspired me. I KNOW you will be blessed as you share the gospel. I feel like Sister Pak was a miracle for me. ah. I am just grateful that the Lord let me be here and know her and share the gospel with such an amazing person. and it's not over! the temple is now the next goal. 

I love you all. I love being a missionary. I love Korea. I love all of you!

xoxo, Sister Bassett

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy 추석!‏


Hi! Korean Thanksgiving was so fun. so good. I got to wear my 한복, so that was awesome. and see all the missionaries. I love being able to see the two sisters from my MTC district and talk about where we are now. Because of 추석 we didn't teach any lessons today...everyone goes to their hometown and things just kinda shut down. it was crazy to see my busy, busy streets so empty! anyway, I'll send some pictures.

Friday was the big fall cleaning day. Hi. our house is a mess. we spent hours cleaning and still not done! that night we went to 김포 for dinner, about an hour way. ate so much good food. She is the Stake RS president and he teaches Sunday school. the daughter just got back about a month or 2 ago from serving in temple square. such a good family!

then on Saturday, we had dinner with two of my favorite grandma's in the ward. I ate a small chicken. REALLY! in a soup. bones and just pick them out. it was really yummy! and fruit. and kimchi. and veggies. and this tea that tastes like vinegar and honey and i love it. SO FULL! one of the grandma's, 김명자 (Sister Kim) is coming to Utah for 6 months! so she got mom and dad's phone number and wants her daughter to call you. so be ready for that. She is happy and energetic and full of light. she has helped me so much. even though we can't really understand her, she just laughs and says "I love you!" and I can feel it.  our investigator,  Sister P, loves her! 

Speaking of Sister P, she will be baptized this Sunday. She is wonderful. keep praying for her! 

Mom, this is a shout out for your essential oils...I had the WORST head ache this week. I was so dizzy and sick. so, I took some peppermint and fennel, and the next morning, Boom! I was just fine! so thanks :)

It's been a crazy week. I don't really know what to say. so i'll send a bunch of pictures. 

Sister Bassett

President and Sister Morrise with Sister Bassett…dressed in their festive hanboks.



                                                     Sister Fudge, Sister Arthur, Sister Bassett

Sunday, September 15, 2013

set goals, make plans

Dear Family-

So two weeks ago, our Zone Leaders asked us to prayerfully set goals at the next weekly planning and then watch for how God helped us make those goals. the week that we just finished was that week. They also asked us, at the end of August, to make a goal for how many baptisms each companionship wanted to help have during September. SOO...

this week we made almost ALL our goals. more than we ever have before. it was so awesome. We even had 2 people at sacrament, which has NEVER happened for us before. But the biggest miracle was Sister Pak. we really thought that one baptism was a good goal for September. We knew that Sister Pak was ready, but she already told us that she wanted to be baptized October 6. So we wondered "who else is prepared?" well...sadly, no one else was. BUT on Thursday at our lesson, we mentioned that General Conference was the week she wanted to be baptized. and Transfers are the Wednesday before. She said "I'm ready...I can be baptized on September 29" and then when she realized that I might leave, she started to tear up. I love her so! We taught Tithing that night. She accepted. We taught Word of Wisdom on Sunday. "I can't drink coffee anymore? ok.." she accepted. law of chastity. also accepted. SO PREPARED! I am awestruck. all in all, she will be baptized the day before September ends. Miracle, anyone? It is the greatest blessing to be able to be a part of all of this. My heart has been opened in ways I didn't know it could be. 

This week I started the Book of Mormon again. I LOVE IT! let me read it all the time! really. I learn SO much. and it is ALWAYS relevant. literally, a voice crying from the dust, written for our day. I was reading about Laman and Lemuel. and Nephi asks them how they could forget that they have seen an ANGEL! how?! but then, I think, "sister Bassett! how could you forget the miracles you have seen? that the Lord can do anything?" they probably didn't write it down. so i have really been trying to record the miracles I get to see in my journal. little things are the best :) 

I have a testimony of PRAYER. I know, like I never have before, that God lives and loves us. each one of us. I love and am grateful to each one of you!

xoxo, Sister Bassett

Monday, August 26, 2013

Two Orphans


so...our mom left this week! Wednesday morning we dropped Sister
Arthur off for transfers. Ah! I miss her! she was so wonderful...the
longer I was with her, the more I loved her. and we have definitely
had an adventure! Good thing we always have our Father in Heaven to
rely on and not just ourselves!

we teach an idiom in English class every week. so, if you have any
ideas, send them my way!

this week. dragged Sister Arthur's suitcases to the post office so
they could send them to her new area. So funny! she said goodbye to
ward members and investigators and we took tons of pictures (i'll send
some next week). we have really been trying to advertise for our free
english class because that is our best place to find investigators.
english flyer all the time! we taught english class...still one of my
favorite things! we are trying really hard to understand and speak
Korean! it is crazy for me to have to be the one that people are
talking to. but good. I know that it will help my language so much!

we taught some GREAT lessons this week. Lena, do you know her?, had
just english interest at first, but at her last lesson she said she
wants to come to church. She wants to know what we believe. We talked
about studying the scriptures and she promised to read everyday. we
just love her! so glad she is home from her vacation.

and 유진. i don't think i've talked about her before. She is lovely. We
have taught the Plan of Salvation the last 2 times. She has a really
hard time understanding why God gave us a plan...why He is there. And
also, our Korean is a little rocky.

I really want to talk about Sister Pak's lesson. We want to give her a
baptismal date this week, so please pray for her! We discussed 3 Nephi
32:3 and Moroni 7:13, i think. we just talked about how the
scriptures, the words of Christ, will tell us ALL things we need to
do. And that all GOOD things come from God. She often makes memos
while we are teaching, so we pointed out that was the Spirit. We
invited her to write down any promptings/impressions while she reads
Alma 7. She is wonderful. We taught with a member who was baptized
about 10 years ago, without her husband. She has a powerful testimony
and was wonderful for Sister Pak. At the end, Sister Pak just said
that the past week she had made so many mistakes...all small, but they
make her feel bad. We talked about how that is ok, every week at
church we get to take the sacrament and be clean again, to try again.
she said that's why she need to diligently keep coming to church. You
got it!

Yestderday was the day of miracles. I have been praying every night to
know what to do for our area. Because I was scared! How was I supposed
to run an area? And my Korean...lacking. BUT, yesterday we were
walking to go visit some less actives and amazing things happened. on
our way there, Sister Fudge just looks goes up to this lady walking my
us and offers to help carry her bags. She didn't need help, but she
pulls us into the shade and starts talking to us. Long story short,
she speaks really good english and wants us to come visit. She just
wants to talk with us. So we gave her a Book of Mormon, exchanged
number, and went on our way. Later that night, she texted us just to
say thank you for the good book, hope to see you soon! wow! then, on
the way home, I felt like I should just talk to this lady waiting at
the same bus stop. so I did. she was really nice, and guess what? she
wants us to teach her daughter english! we were waiting for the same
bus, to we rode and talked together the whole way home. She wants to
have us over for dinner with her family. So cool! THEN at our bus stop
going home, we talk to this lady and she asks about us as
missionaries, we say that we came to serve. and we teach about Jesus
Christ. She asks if we know the Bible. yeah, we do! so she wants to
meet to talk about those things. WOW! if we had gone down a different
street or been at the bus stop at a different time or crossed the
steet one minute later, we wouldn't have met those beautiful sisters.
Amazing, isn't it, to see the blessings of the Lord in our lives. I
KNOW He is mindful of us. He loves us. He is our Father. I am so
blessed to be a missionary and see miracles everyday. Best time of my

have a wonderful week! you are in my prayers!

all my love, Sister Bassett

Monday, August 19, 2013

walking in the hot, hot heat. transfer calls. and other adventures.‏

Dearest Family-

first off, can I just say how much I LOVE getting letters? especially the ones mom sends from my missionary friends. Sisters Hemming, Saunders, Wiser and Baird. and Elder Liston and Lippert. it is the best!

So. some notes I wrote down to talk about. 
- HELP THE MISSIONARIES! yeah. do I say that every week? we need you! with brings be to my next thing...
-Transfer calls! I am staying in my greenie area. with Sister Fudge. What?! yeah. I have been here 3 1/2 months and she has been here 2 months. gonna be great! and our Elders are both just ONE transfer ahead of me. all these young missionaries! I think it will be good for our ward, though, because now they know we NEED members to lessons. yes!
-the package! GREATEST! thanks so so so much! the skirts are both adorable and so comfy. I wore them both already^^ thank you! and, mom, I am using the rose oil. thanks! plus music? seriously the language of the soul. 
-We had a ward activity last night. dinner and a musical fireside. It was really good! some less actives and non-members came. so lovely! Us three sisters sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water" with some ward members. So awesome! the more Sister Pak keeps coming to those, the better. She fits in with the ward so good! we just keep praying for her. and her family.

so this week. LOTS of new things. We made TONS of invitations to that ward activity. we gave them to investigators, former investigators, less actives. And we gave 2 to all the members and asked them to bring a friend. we are really trying to get missionary work to happen in our ward. because it should be US helping THEIR missionary plan. I love our ward, though! They are like one big family! so funny and so strong. our bishopric is the best! ah. just love them. I learned what LOVE is on my mission. did I ever know how to love before? I did, but my heart is just FULL here. it has grown! in love for my family, friends, and EVERYONE else! it's the best!

On Tuesday we went to 12-week follow up training for Sister Fudge. Have I said how much we LOVE President? even if he wasn't my uncle! and our AP's are the best. One thing they said that I loved was about an Elder in our mission...Elder Pope. President Morrise said that every time he sees Elder Pope, it reminds him of the movie It's a Wonderful Life when George tells Mary to swallow the moon...then the light would shoot out of her fingers and toes and the ends of her hair. He sees that GOSPEL LIGHT in Elder Pope. and it's true! he is bright. and smiling. ALL the time. I want to be that! I want to have swallowed the moon and have light inside of me. its a beautiful thought, isn't it? we can all have the light of Christ shining from within us. it comes from the way we speak, the things we think, and the faith we act with. but it is attainable. for ALL OF US. 

I also got to go on exchanges that day! with Sister Kei! such a cute sister. ok...I just love all the sister! girl power! she asked me "how do you get over being afraid to talk to people?" and I said something along the lines of "you don't. You can still be afraid to talk to people. You just realize that something else is more important than you. that someday everyone will know what you know and they will say 'Cara! why didn't you tell me?' because our pride was more important than them? that would be a sad day!" geez! take your own advice, Sister Bassett! something is more important than me...the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I read Elder Bednar's talk Ye Must Be Born Again this week. oh goodness. he is fabulous! I loved where he says "gradually and almost imperceptibly, our motives, our thoughts, our words, and our deeds become aligned with the will of God. this phase...requires time, persistence, and patience." that is where I am at right now! and, I would guess, most of us are. so let's be patient. I love this work. I love being immersed in it. It is the best thing. have I told you lately? how much I love being a missionary?

most of our investigators are on vacation, so we didn't meet any this week. this coming week is busy though! wish us luck. Sister Fudge and I need all the prayers we can get! and the gift of tongues!

I love you all!
Sister Bassett
                                                                    Seoul Korea
                                     Our ward missionaries with our bishop and his wife
                                              One of the cute young woman in our ward!

Sunday, August 11, 2013


This week is just a blur of baking hot! I'm really thankful for a church that has air conditioning. and baking german pancakes! i have made them twice here!

in other news...Bible bash! ok. not bashing...just lecture? The Elders in another area referred us Sister J. So here is the story- We were supposed to meet her by exit 4 at the subway station. But then she calls and gives us directions to somewhere else. it is POURING rain. seriously! like coming through my umbrella, flooding the river raining. (side note...there is this sidewalk down by the river with stairs to come up to the road. people could come up! because the water was up the like the 3 stair! so these guys in plastic suits and really loud whistles had to go down and help them. wow!) So we are walking up and down the street, trying to find this Sister. and we can't finally she says she will just meet us at the exit. Phew! So she takes us to this movie theater place...we were a little worried. but we just sat at these chairs with her and 3 friends. they are all originally from China. And they talked at us. for like and hour. so we set up an appointment for a real lesson on Thursday. This time it is just Sister J and her daughter and a friend from Canada. all of the sudden, Sister J leaves and the daughter just starts going at the Bible...citing verses and talking about why we don't need the Book of Mormon, how she will only quote the Bible and they aren't her thoughts, they are God's word. it was...interesting. for like 2 hours almost. So much Korean so fast! I just bore my testimony about the Book of Mormon. That it is another testament of is another witness that Jesus Christ was not just a good teacher or a great man, but the literal Son of God, the Savior and Redeemer or the world. I was a little surprised by my own conviction in defending it! but it's just the truth! The Book of Mormon truly is the word of God. I KNOW IT. I have felt it over and over, more than ever on my mission. I love it. 

and good news, Sister Pak finally prayed with us! out loud! we were so happy. She is my miracle. Even if she doesn't get baptized, I have seen her change. I have seen her 'get' the gospel and allow Christ into her life. She is a miracle. I love her with all my heart! We had a lesson with a member planned. We wanted to member to just share her conversion story and her testimony, so when she all of the sudden couldn't come, we were a little worried. BUT, we had done our best, and the Spirit did the rest. better than we ever could. We ended up talking about the mothers of the stippling warriors. (little back story, the night before, in English class, our gospel message was about friends. I talked about Ali...Sister Hemming. I talked about how a good friend is an example, they make us want to be better, work harder, smile more, be happy, love people and love life and just be more. ) She said that she wants to be that friend, that example, for her son. We each talked about our beloved mothers. and that SHE CAN BE THAT! it was so good. We just keep praying for her.

This morning, I was reading in Matthew 4 (i think) when Jesus calls Peter and Andrew, James and John to be fishers of men. It says that Peter and Andrew went STRAIGHTWAY and followed Him. and James and John IMMEDIATELY left their father and followed. I love those words. I am trying each day to have that faith....the courage to just follow Christ. To follow the promptings of the Spirit.

I love you! I love my Savior. I love being a missionary. I love the Korean people...sometimes after seeing them all day, I come home and I'm a little sad that I'm not Korean ^^ 

Love, Sister Bassett

Sunday, August 4, 2013

No Longer A Greenie

Dearest Family-

yep. you read it right! last Wednesday was my 12 week mark, so I am officially no longer a greenie!

Monsoon season is almost over. On Tuesday night, it was about 8:20 and we were just coming home from visiting a less active. it starts POURING. YES!!! so we ran home because we had no umbrellas. haha people thought we were crazy i'm sure! but it was so fun. and soaking.

We taught Sister Pak again on Thursday. She is so close. She knows this is right. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ...she says that she knows she is building faith because she reads the Book of Mormon and prays every night with her son. When we talked about repentance, she said she is changing, but not enough. How can we help her see that we are ALL trying to change? even if we have been baptized for 50 years? we taught about after baptism...going to the temple and then the celestial kingdom. She asked if she and MinJeh (her son) could walk that path alone because her husband is not interested in religion. They are really struggling. But she is so good and always optimistic! MinJeh reminds me of Taven...always on the go!

so. update on how hot it is. I was making brownies and guess what? i didn't have to melt the butter to but it around in the pan. straight from the fridge to the pan. and it MELTED ITSELF. cool, huh?

We are just seeing miracles! mom sent me the latest letters from my best friends (thanks Mommy!) and they all talked about their miracles. so I've been watching for ours. This week we picked up two new investigators. They are amazing. seriously, just glowing. They are prepared! but...we like to think that about everyone! but really. they are fabulous. Also, we were walking home one night and said hi to this lady and kept walking. I couldn't stop thinking about how happy she looked, so I  was like, "maybe we should go back and talk to her?" but we were far away and it would be awkward, but thank goodness, my companions were like YA! lets go back! so we did. and she took a Book of Mormon. nothing more...but nothing less. it felt so good.

I love being a missionary. I love my Savior. I love the Korean people. I love you!

Sister Bassett

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two and a Half Fans

Dear Family-

We literally have two and a half fans. one of them broke, so we had to take the protector...grate thing off of it. and be really careful around it! No air conditioning. So it is super hot! I wake up with sweaty hair stuck to my face. BEST! haha what do you do. 

I have weird dreams here. and super realistic. A few nights ago I dreamed that a bunch of missionaries were taking a picture on top of this HUGE Korean flag. and I was falling asleep in the picture. and everyone was like 'Sister Bassett! don't fall asleep!" so in an big effort to not fall asleep, I woke myself up. so I am awkwardly half sitting up in bed, doing peace signs and kinda smiling. when I looked around and realized where I was, I laughed a little at myself and went back to bed. The next day I laughed my face off when I told Sister Arthur and Sister Fudge. haha, I crack myself up!

we are Bongcheon united. the five of us missionaries serving in 봉천 ward. and we are DOING WORK. (just for you, Garret ^^)

I was looking at my desk this week and there was a letter on there from Sister Rachel Saunders. and it was addressed to Sister Cara Bassett. It was crazy. sometimes it is still surreal that I AM A MISSIONARY! it is the coolest thing to be able to say that!

I tried duck this week! it was so yummy. They roll it up in little pieces and then you grill it and put it in lettuce with some garlic, red pepper paste, onions, and then stuff the whole thing in your mouth. YUM!

I actually like learning Korean! when I am in a lesson trying to understand and I just can't, it is frustrating. BUT during study time, I love it! It is a beautiful and interesting language. I am starting to learn the character, taken from Chinese. So each sound or syllable means something. I'm not really sure how to explain it, but it's awesome!

We went knocking doors the other day and got kicked out. they weren't too happy about the cards in the doors! we were tempted to just say we didn't understand. but instead we just left. and laughed :)

We have this member in our ward who we just LOVE. Sister Lee. She just got back from her mission, here in Seoul, in December and moved up here to work. We saw her yesterday on our way to go proselyting and she said "oh, are you going to go testify?" YES! that is what we are going to do! it is amazing how changing the word totally changed how I saw it. yeah. We were going out to do some tell about our Savior and His restored gospel and a Book that has changed our lives.

This week has been a roller coaster with investigators! 2 dropped us today. so that's a bummer. We couldn't meet Sister Pak either. and she was visiting her mother-in-law again, so hasn't been to church in weeks. I'm not sure, but I think that her husband might be caring more and more about if she attends church weekly. and she has been sick. So LOTS of prayers. We aren't sure what to do for her.

We also have baptismal date for Sandy on Saturday. Unfortunately, I don't think she will be ready. We taught about tithing yesterday and she said she could afford to pay that...that the 10% is really important to her. We have another lesson tonight, so any good karma would be appreciated. I think that she knows this is something good, but isn't quite ready to let herself fully accept it. and it might take a lot of time. 

The other day I forgot my name tag. it is AMAZING what that little piece of black plastic can do for you. One name is bigger than my own, JESUS CHRIST. I am His representative. and that is wonderful. When I got to put it back on again, I was sad for the day I will have to take it off for good.

I love you all! The Church is true. God loves us...He will NEVER leave us alone. We are His children. 

xoxo, Sister Bassett