Monday, May 27, 2013

It’s really chewy...

Dearest Family-

On Monday we had another lesson with Sandy. An adorable RM from our ward came with us and she really helped. As we talked about church and bore testimony, I think that she could feel a difference in the room. and she accepted the invitation to come with us! She talks about the peace she feels when she comes to church, so I hope that she felt how strong it is during the sacrament. We did take her to gospel principles, though, and the teacher went off trying to teach her about all our different scriptures. I think she was a little overwhelmed... Tonight is our last lesson with her on the 6 week program, so after this if she wants to keep meeting, it is only for gospel. Pray that she wants to!

Jay and Skylah (have I told you about them? They are best friends and such beautiful girls! Jay is Christian and she goes to another church, Skylah was raised Buddhist, but she says she doesn't really have a religion) are so great. A Brother from our ward came and taught with us...the Plan of Salvation. I am a HUGE believer in getting members to lessons. So good! They said they would come to church, but didn't show. we'll see why at our lesson tomorrow! Skylah loves meeting with us though. 

ok. the language. I am almost half way through pass-off! So that's awesome. they have different things you have to pass off for each lesson...vocab and scriptures and reciting the first vision. DAD- this is the thing I was telling you about in my phone call home, that my Zone Leader is pushing so much? yeah. it takes most people months and transfers. but hopefully I will get it all done this transfer! Especially with everyone pushing me so much!

Funny thing of this week- couples wear matching things here. all the time. like "we're dating. in case you couldn't tell by us holding hands, we'll wear matching sneakers." seriously. like bright pink matching shoes...or matching purple hair...or shirts. this is a true story!
Also...people just wander out of the hospital. really! I'll see people just walking into a restaurant with an IV in their arm. or smoking. It's awesome.

BUT the big new thing I did this week was EAT OCTOPUS. yeah. we were walking home for dinner and this sweet Sister from our ward saw us. When we told her where we were going, she grabbed my hand and said she was going to take us to dinner. and she did. to Korea Octopus Food. That's the restaurant. It tastes pretty good! Really chewy. and the little suction cup things on the legs come off in your mouth and it feels so strange! It was so great.

Thank you for your love and support! I am so blessed. The letters from my other friends out on missions inspire me every week. And Ross. I am so excited for him to be a missionary! He will be the best. I loved getting an email from his ldsmail account today. With all the ups and downs, I just have to remember that THIS is exactly what I always wanted. I love the people here. And I love the gospel like I never have before. When people don't listen on the streets or won't take a card on the bus, I just want to say "this is important! this is the best thing you are going to hear about...EVER!" and it is. 

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! I forgot about that until mom mentioned it :)

All my love,
Sister Bassett

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Getting to know Korea

                                 Our Zone dinner with my companion, Sister Arthur! YUM!

Sorry about the letter, or lack of it, last week. Here we go for this week!

Korea is always an adventure. especially when you are will another Sister that has been here 6 days. Yep! Exchanges! Sister Saunders and I (the one from my MTC District) here together for a whole 24 hours. It was fabulous ^^ I love her so much! We street contacted for a while in the evening but, jokes! we don't speak Korean! so the next day we set up a street board on it and SANG! in the middle of a busy sidewalk, we stood there and sang hymns and passed out cards. for over an hour. it was great. We talked about the FIRE we felt in the MTC and working to never loose that fire. That's what the MTC is like now! The missionaries out here didn't get to see the amazing feeling that is there now...the 19 year old Sisters coming, the floods of missionaries every Wednesday, the devotionals. So we get to bring that fire and spread it here!

I taught my first REAL lesson this week. It was so neat. Her English name is Sandy (she is on the 6 week program, 30 minutes of English, 30 minutes of the gospel). She is was asking about the Book of Mormon and saying she didn't understand it. I bore my testimony and shared a scripture that really touched me this week...Jacob 5:72, about the Lord laboring with us...I talked about the comfort that verse gave me and just started crying. She said that she wants to believe God is real. She wants someone to rely on. It was great. The next day was Katie's lesson, same program. It was our first time meeting her. After we gave her a Book of Mormon, she sat and read it before English class. So we'll see!

I had dinner in 강남! that is Gangnam (is that how you spell it?) in the song. So delicious! and so much food! 

**Line of the week: I was with Sister Saunders talking to this lady on the bus. She asked where I lived, and I was trying to explain that I live in 봉찬 but I was going to 노량진 to sleep at Sister Saunders house. But instead of conjugating it to say "I'm going to her house" I said "shall we go to her house?" the woman looked startled, and said " Me?" not what I meant to say ^^

**Miracle of the week: after dinner we were planning to go street contact to make our goal of 140 contacts for the week. But it was raining buckets. We said a prayer and felt good about going out, so we did. Sister Arthur even prayed for it to stop raining. We went to the subway station. And NO ONE would listen. The had umbrellas for shields. So we started to head back home. Sister Arthur asked if we could stop at the bus station and I said yes. We talked to a few people there, and then this woman came. Sis. Arthur started talking to her and she had met Elders before! When and where, no idea. But she asked when we could talk about Joseph Smith...she asked US for an appointment! She was really interested in the Church. Just before, I had felt like "oh, maybe we shouldn't have come out..." NOPE! don't doubt the Lord! He knows what He is doing. (thanks, Daddy, for that reminder)

Mom- could you email me some recipes? cookies...or anything really. 
Dad- I found a Korean Rigo Chapparro! seriously. he reminds me so much of him!

I love you all! Have a wonderful day! I know like I never have before that we can turn to the scriptures for comfort and direction. ALWAYS. God will not leave us alone.

바 셋 자매

Saturday, May 11, 2013

We are pleased to inform you that your missionary has arrived safely to the Korea Seoul Mission happy healthy and excited to join us in God's great work!!

Thank you for sending them prepared and ready to go!

If you have questions or concerns please contact us at this address.

Korea Seoul Mission Staff

Thursday, May 2, 2013

BEST Friends!!

What could be better than to be in the same building with your best friend, Sister Ali Hemming, who will be serving her mission in Poland.