Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last Transfer


Dearest Family-

It's official! I am serving in the Korea, Seoul South mission! so crazy. So I'll be "meeting" the new mission President soon with my Zone... Hi Uncle Marshall! I guess I should get used to President and Sister Morrise. Their missionaries are praying for them already! I am so sad to see some of our Elders go to the Seoul Mission. we will miss them! And my MTC district is all split up. oh transfers!

Last p-day we went to the Seoul Tower. It was so neat! You can see almost all of Seoul. and they do something their kind-of like the love-lock bridge in Paris. There are SO many locks signifying people's love. and 'couple benches' (i'll send a picture. so funny.) We are running out of days to cross the river so everyone is trying to see everything they want before the split.

Sister Pak (I think I talked about her last week?) brought her husband to church this week! So good. The Elders are really trying to build a relationship with him. We are just hoping and praying that we will get to teach them as a family. She is wonderful. She loves what she has seen of the gospel, just wants time to really think about it before accepting a baptismal date.

and Sunny. two hour lesson with her on Saturday. AWESOME. She has 'real intent' if I have ever seen it! She is very concerned about doing what God wants, but is worried that she won't know for sure if her answer is from God, or just her own feelings. She completely understands the importance of the Book of Mormon, which none of our investigators really do. After we talked about Joseph Smith, she said "so that's why we read the Book of Mormon. To know if he was a prophet." YES! Because if that book is true, than Joseph was a prophet and THIS is God's true church. Se is very strong in her church, so we are praying for her to feel the difference...see that we are offering her MORE LIGHT. she is great. love her.

also...reach out to less-actives! We have so many in our ward. Whether they have had their feelings hurt or have some how lost their faith, they need to be loved back to activity in the church. We had dinner with a couple in our ward this week, the husband is active but the wife is not. We were sharing favorite scriptures and when she read hers (the 13 Article of Faith) she just cried! She knows what she should be seeking, but she just isn't. We are trying to love her back to church ^^

so this week... I had cold soup. they have that lots now that it is getting so hot,. also, it has pears in it. and aloe vera? pretty sure that's in it too. I walked all the way to Seoul National University. It is FOREVER long. I saw a lady pushing a stroller...totally normal. except that there was a big, fat cat in it. true story. 

on Sunday we went on splits with 2 girls that are here on a study abroad through BYU. They are leaving next week so they spent a day with us. So fun! Sister Ellis, who I was with, as her call to Seoul and will come in September. Sister Hirst will put her papers in in August. YAY for missionaries!

A few weeks ago Garret sent me a letter that said something along the lines of "in God's eyes, we are all investigators-trying to figure out life as best we can." I have thought about that a lot. We are all on a journey to Christ. Bronte ( um...Sister Baird) told it to me like this: "as missionaries, we are just inviting people to walk the path with us. We are saying 'hey, I'm heading towards God and trying to follow the Savior. I'm not perfect, but I know they way. Come with us.' That's all." and it's true. We should be inviting people by our examples everyday. President Uchtdorf said to "find your way on this journey home and be an inspiration to fellow travelers." May we all do that a little better this week. Whether our fellow travelers are our children or family, friends or neighbors, or people we ride the subway with, we should be an inspiration.

I love you all!

Sister Bassett

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