Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Big Eyes


Ross! I am so glad that you got to go through the temple! How was it? do you feel so old? I can hardly believe it! And I can't wait to go with you sometime! Still crossing my fingers to see you at the temple here in Seoul!

Speaking of Seoul...I am currently in the Seoul South mission! I am about 30 minutes south of the river. So, unless I get transferred during my 12 week training, which isn't likely, I will be in Uncle Marshall's mission. kinda crazy!

This week was so busy! I love it that way, though. It is easy to feel like a missionary when you are running up all the hills in 봉천 because you are almost late for curfew! it is so great. I expect to have some really good calves when I get home. 

Sandy is done with the 6 week program, but wants to keep meeting! We are having our first all gospel lesson tonight. and we are going to try and get her to commit to a baptismal date. so pray for us! she talked about how the chapel is like getting away from real life...her fortress. We can find that EVERY DAY! In the scriptures, prayer, church, and especially the temple. I got to go to the Seoul temple on Tuesday. and it was beautiful. they do English sessions three mornings a week, so we went to that. can I just say how much I love the temple! I always feel like a beloved daughter when I am in the celestial room. My MTC companion and I sat together in the celestial room...I was so glad to see her! There is something comforting and empowering about the temple...I am worth something. Ross (and everyone else...) go as much as you can!

We slept over with the other Sisters (Saunders and Park) in our Zone so that we wouldn't have to travel so far to the mission activity. And the mission activity was so great! We had a spiritual meeting to begin, then we went to this huge park and played games and went to the zoo. FUN! Crazy statistics from the meeting: in 2 transfers, there will be 62 missionaries available to train 58 new missionaries. I am counted in the 62 available!!! WHAT? yeah. that is real life here in Korea! it was so good to be 'out' of the city for a day. 

I know you wanted to hear about my day to day life, but I"ve just gotta tell you about Sunny. She is a new investigator we started teaching this week. At first, she didn't want to do the 6 week program because she didn't want to hear about the gospel. But she really wanted private English, so she started. We were just talking (in english...) about ourselves and she asked us how we joined our faith. Then I talked about how I left in the middle of University to come on a mission. She asked why, and I said that this gospel makes me so HAPPY and so I wanted to share it. She was so impressed with us...not getting paid, just serving. When I was talking about serving a mission, I mentioned the Book of Mormon, so we got talking about that. she was SO surprised that we believe Christ visited the Americas. She loves the Bible, so we said that they support each other. that led to a little about Joseph Smith. and then Sister Arthur wants giving a little overview of what we would be teaching in the lessons. When she got to the Plan of Salvation, Sunny looked at us and said "you really have answers to those questions?!" she goes to church and reads the Bible, but wishes that the good feeling would last longer. I just KNOW that this gospel is what she is looking for. I pray that she will open her heart and mind and see that for herself. WE HAVE THE ANSWERS! we know the most glorious truths ever. And it should make us happy! So we should be sharing it!

Sharing the gospel goes for all of you, too! I am a HUGE believer in members at lessons. they make all the difference. please read the quotes on page 12 and 13 of Preach My Gospel about missionary work... MOM, DAD, GARRET, MIKE, ALAN and ANYONE else reading this, your mission IS NOT over! every member is a missionary! So do what you can where you can. 

On Saturday night we had dinner with Scott's family...me, Sister Arthur, and our zone leaders. We have the BEST zone leaders ever. they are wonderful and great and AUNT GLENDA, I hope you tell them about this letter too ;)  It was so crazy...I felt like I was in America! The chicken divan was JUST like momma makes it! and Melody is getting so old. She will be taller than me soon!

Mom- we haven't taught the bus stop woman. Yet. also, I found some buckwheat pasta here. i'll let you know how it tastes.

ok. life in Seoul. normal missionary schedule. our area has TONS of hills. and random little tiny shops everywhere. We ride the subway and buses. Funny story about the subway, people sell things there. just walk around. I can't remember if I told you about the crazy guy yelling that I would have salvation if I bought his toothbrushes. I didn't. 

we teach English class 2 times a week. and I LOVE it. after class on wednesday, Thompson comes up to me and says "Sister Bassett... you have very big eyes. I think maybe I should envy you?" (imagine what they would say about Rachel Saunders...) haha, so funny!

I love raddish kimchi. half the time I love it, sometimes, I really don't. the food here is so good! I'm getting used to spicy.

All my love,
Sister Bassett

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