Monday, June 10, 2013

One Month

Dear Family~

The weather here is almost as bi-polar as Utah! SO HOT most days, but then cold in the morning and rainy and then hot. that's why I got the new short sleeved shirt, mom :)

I knocked doors for the first time this week. No one actually opens the door, they just yell (or through the speakers that everyone has) "who is it?" and we answer. and tell a little about our message. and ask if we can leave a card. or they pretend they aren't home. or they do answer the door, and quickly shut it. so fun!

I also had a Korean snow cone! You know how much I love snow cones...they are just a little different here. it is shaved ice with this like syrup-y stuff, black/red beans (they put them in everything!), canned fruit, and this little squares of jello looking stuff that is super chewy. so yummy! and so good on hot days.

I feel like every week is so crazy, but then when I try and sit down to write about it, I have nothing to say! Last Monday we went to the King's palace. SO BEAUTIFUL! there were all these young students there having a scavenger hunt and asking to take pictures with us...foreigners! So exciting!

of all the lessons we had this week (like...3...I loved the letter you sent from Curtis that they had found 12 new investigators. We currently have like 3 or 4 investigators, and we are doing pretty good!) I just wanted to talk about Sister Pak's. if you wanna keep her and her family in your prayers, that would be great! her aunt is a member and she LOVES that family. now that she has a son, she wanted a religion for her family also. her cousin encouraged her to visit our church, and she has come for 3 weeks. She says that her aunt's family is so nice and loving, so she wants that for her son. Her husband isn't interested...yet. She is so open and loves learning about the gospel. And her son reminds me of Taven...he is crazy and always running around! in Korea. I don't know what to tell ya! I feel like I have just lived here forever. My apartment/villa is like as big as my room+the log cabin room with the hallway. maybe. It is great. Koreans are all about fitting as much as they can into a little spot. SO we have our shower, toilet, and washer conveniently in one room! haha so fun.

last week at the Mission Activity, there were two quotes that I keep thinking about. one was that "good things keep on long as I let them." and they do! new light and love and experiences fill in for any thing that is lost. I am trying to remember that here. When investigators drop or a recent convert isn't coming to church, it is SO HARD! and although we have to keep working with them, because we never know when they will repent and return, we've also gotta remember that good things keep coming. we will find more investigators. people will come to church. we already know what team is going to win. and Elder Holland's quote that "victory is everything! we need a voice for good. a voice for God."

sorry that this letter is so unorganized. I have a lot of thoughts in my head and never enough time to put them how I want!

I love you all and pray for you everyday! especially dad and his new job. and Ross preparing for a mission. ok... just for all of you!

Love, Sister Bassett

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