Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bongcheon Five

Dear Family-
Do I say this every week? that it is SO HOT? because if I do, I'm really sorry. But it is! Like wake up sweating in the night hot. So crazy! Also, monsoon season came back yesterday and today with a vengeance! its so great! my rain boots are saving my feet...and my other shoes. It also does this thing where it's not raining, like water coming down, the rain just is in the air. hanging there. so everything gets soaked, but your umbrella doesn't really do anything. its so crazy! I love it though. Seoul is built right up to the mountains, so all the mountains are SUPER green and beautiful.
Can I just say that we are seeing miracles in Bongcheon? really! We have NINE investigators. that is SO MANY for our area. I love it! We are so busy that we didn't have dinner til like 9:30 on Wednesday. It was awesome. We go to this cheap little restaurant so much that the ladies there know us ^^ so we walk in and she is all happy. Asks if I want a 소고기 쥬먹밥, the little rice ball thing I sent a picture of, and of course I do. they are SO good! i'll make them for you someday! investigators. We have had five member lessons, which is fabulous. Teach with the missionaries! they need your help!
and speaking of our investigators, Sister Pak needs all the prayers she can get. She loves the gospel...her faith is growing so much. She reads the Book of Mormon, comes to church whenever she can, prays with her son...But she says she can't get baptized because she's not a good person yet. and that, because she is at a low point in her life, she needs to wait until she is up at a high point again so that her baptism will be a happy experience. she asked us if she can still have a relationship with God before her baptism. we said of course! so so asked us to just give her more time. We want so bad to teach her husband also, but he's not really interested. Any ideas? She is 35 and is having to go back to university because her husband's job is slowly but surely going away. ah. so hard.
we are also teaching a young girl, my same age!, named Yoo-jin. She is so great. she just takes everything in, asks the simple questions she has, and then says that it makes sense. If she continues to progress, we will be giving a baptismal date soon! And we teach two girls from China. They have NO religious background at all. It is hard because we have nothing to build on, but it is great because they are like a clean slate. Any idea for quickly learning Chinese, Garret?
Oh Korea. It is so great. Mom..sorry if you want longer letters! i'm just not sure what else to say! I'll try and write down little things this week. Our trio is going great, by the way. 
I love you all!
XOXO, Sister Bassett
My new mission president -
President Morrise & Sister Morrise with me!

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