Monday, July 8, 2013

A Week In The Life Of...

Dearest Family!

It seems like the most common question I get from all of you is "what is it like in Seoul?" So I'll try and tell you! A picture is worth a thousand words, so there will be lots of pictures this week! 

 ok. So the work here is hard. and kinda slow. We pick up almost all of our investigators from English class, so it is difficult because they just wanna learn English. All but one of our investigators has been found that way. BUT I started calling on the phone this week, and we have 2 return appointments from people that I called! Cool huh? not so cool is when I accidentally called a restaurant. I couldn't understand her, so I started to just introduce our message. And that got her real confused. I gave the phone to Sister Arthur. While she was talking, I told Elder Jenson the name of the 'potential investigator' that I had called and he said, "oh yeah...I love those noodles." "What, Elder Jenson?" "yeah. that's those noodles with the black bean sauce." I started laughing SO hard. Sister Arthur asks what in the world is going on, and the whole situation gets fixed with a few sorrys. haha so funny! #hangookproblems

WE HAVE A BAPTISMAL DATE! It is really exciting to have one of those around here. Do you remember Sandy? We gave her a date last Monday and she accepted. So cool. We have seen her just once since then, but we have another lesson tonight. She is nervous to make such a big commitment because she feels she doesn't know enough. She says she doesn't want to be a liar and say she knows more than she does. But she has a great desire to know and learn and believe. We have seen such a change in her. I can feel that she is happier....she seems more free. And the more she realizes that change has come from the gospel, the better. SO, that's our investigator! Pray for her! 
Also, our other one of our other investigators, Angelina, said she would get baptized...when she meets her husband. She wants to marry a Mormon because they love their families so much. Not exactly how it works. but ok. We're trying to help her understand that LDS families need TWO faithful people. But she is so sweet! She has a trip planned to come to America next October and wants to visit us ^^

Also, this week we had TRANSFER CALLS! because we are getting new missionaries from the MTC, we had a 3 week transfer. I am staying with Sister Arthur in our area, but we are getting another greenie! She has been out 3 weeks. Tri-panionship, here we come! so awesome. I was in the MTC with her for a little, so I know her. She is great. Can't wait to pick her up on Thursday! And since I have 3 more weeks of training, we will have 2 greenies. all foreigners. It will be great!

Ok. these paragraphs will be random. just stuff I think about during the week and want to tell you.

 Every day in Korea the old harmonies (grandmas) love us. they think we are so beautiful and can't get over that there are 2 foreigners wandering the streets. so they pat our arms and grab our faces. and say "pretty!" and sometimes they randomly give us this drink-able yogurt stuff that everyone here loves.

There is this super awesome Sister in our ward (originally from China. She is teaching us Mandrin, Garret. yes!) who was baptized last July. She is so sweet. we helped her move the a few weeks ago...did I write about that? So we are just walking around by the subway station and I hear someone calling "Sister!" so I turn around and there she is. Her adorable, chubby baby is on her back and she has huge shopping bags. So of course we took the bags and walked her home. So great to just be in the right place at the right time! She was so happy to see us.

In honor of the 4th of July, I wore red, white, and blue for like 4 days. 

I met President Morrise! haha it was so fun. and people kept telling me all day how much I looked like him. He reminds me of Garret so much!

I show Ross' graduation announcement to everyone. I'm so proud to be his big sister! he is so handsome! Also, Ross...ya know TJ Maynard? no idea how to spell his last name. Another officer? his like best friend, Cole Nixon, is serving in Bongcheon ward with me. go Warriors!

Lanny boy! I can't believe you can drive so soon. I love you! have fun at soccer camp. don't score too many goals ;) You are awesome!

monsoon season started. RAIN everyday. so much. my shoes are always soaking. 

I went to Costco today. Sorry that I took out money...I had to buy a membership and stuff. I bought ancient grains cereal. and chips with chia seeds in them. my companion thinks i'm awesome ;)

I love you all so much! Sometime I just want to scream and wonder "Heavenly Father, why did you call me here? I could be more effective in English!" but you know what? HE called me here, and who am I to question God? I am learning so much here and love it more everyday. I just laugh all the time. and so does Sister Arthur. we are doing better and better everyday. I am SO grateful to be a missionary. And deep down to my heart, I am happier than I have ever been. I love your emails. I can feel your support. I rely on your love and prayers. THANK YOU! I was trying to tell someone what Dad is like the other day, and I honestly coudn't find the words to say how amazing and wonderful he is. I feel like that about our whole family. I am the luckiest!

Ross, good luck on your talk!

All my love, 

Sister Bassett
 Sister Arthur and Elder Jenson…going over contacts.
 This is how we dry our clothes!! Sometimes it takes DAYS with the humidity.
Me cooking zucchini, tomatoes and rice! Yum!

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