Monday, July 15, 2013



SO we are in a TRIO! we picked up our other Sister on Thursday...Sister Fudge. She has been here for a month! So I have 2 more weeks of training and she has 8. She is 23 (same as Sister Arthur) and from Florida. So fun!

We have 'tides' with our investigators...just like the ocean! and right now is high tide. we have EIGHT investigators. that is LOTS for Korea! We picked up 3 new investigators this week because one brought a friend. They are both from China...Chinese Korean. Lena and Arena. They both speak Korean pretty well, but obviously Mandarin better. Too bad Garret didn't teach me more! They are both so open and receptive....especially Areana. She had never been to church before moving to Korea 2 years ago and she said that when she reads the Bible, she just feels like she need to learn more about He could help her in her life. They are lovely!

And Sister Pak. oh goodness. We taught about faith and repentance this week and the Spirit was THICK in the room. We taught with a sister in our ward...returned missionary, kids about the same age...we have had dinner with Sister Pak at this member's house. She was so helpful! And gave a beautiful example of how Heavenly Father loves us...If her son makes a mistake, we will always forgive. We pick them up when they fall. We encourage them to keep trying. and that is just what God does for us.

In English class we were talking about the light of Christ...EVERYONE has it. And about how following Christ has changed our lives. I said, "when you come to English class, do we seem happy?" and they all agreed that we do. And I told them that THAT is what the gospel has done for me...given me joy in my heart even when everything else is going wrong. We have talked a lot in my Zone about how happiness is a choice. AND IT IS! we can smile and be glad and see the miracles all around us. or we can chose to not. We can give away our umbrellas to a soaking wet high school girl or we can complain about the rain. We can laugh about how buff our calves are getting from all these hills or we can frown about how tired we are. We can joke about how shiny our sweaty faces are or mope about it. 

I LOVE being a missionary so much. Can you believe I have been gone for more that 4 months! because I can't!

Have a fabulous week! It is raining like crazy...monsoon season! so we are off to buy some umbrellas! i gave my last one to a soaking wet high school girl :)

XOXO, Sister Bassett
Sister Arthur       Sister Fudge               ME!

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