Monday, August 26, 2013

Two Orphans


so...our mom left this week! Wednesday morning we dropped Sister
Arthur off for transfers. Ah! I miss her! she was so wonderful...the
longer I was with her, the more I loved her. and we have definitely
had an adventure! Good thing we always have our Father in Heaven to
rely on and not just ourselves!

we teach an idiom in English class every week. so, if you have any
ideas, send them my way!

this week. dragged Sister Arthur's suitcases to the post office so
they could send them to her new area. So funny! she said goodbye to
ward members and investigators and we took tons of pictures (i'll send
some next week). we have really been trying to advertise for our free
english class because that is our best place to find investigators.
english flyer all the time! we taught english class...still one of my
favorite things! we are trying really hard to understand and speak
Korean! it is crazy for me to have to be the one that people are
talking to. but good. I know that it will help my language so much!

we taught some GREAT lessons this week. Lena, do you know her?, had
just english interest at first, but at her last lesson she said she
wants to come to church. She wants to know what we believe. We talked
about studying the scriptures and she promised to read everyday. we
just love her! so glad she is home from her vacation.

and 유진. i don't think i've talked about her before. She is lovely. We
have taught the Plan of Salvation the last 2 times. She has a really
hard time understanding why God gave us a plan...why He is there. And
also, our Korean is a little rocky.

I really want to talk about Sister Pak's lesson. We want to give her a
baptismal date this week, so please pray for her! We discussed 3 Nephi
32:3 and Moroni 7:13, i think. we just talked about how the
scriptures, the words of Christ, will tell us ALL things we need to
do. And that all GOOD things come from God. She often makes memos
while we are teaching, so we pointed out that was the Spirit. We
invited her to write down any promptings/impressions while she reads
Alma 7. She is wonderful. We taught with a member who was baptized
about 10 years ago, without her husband. She has a powerful testimony
and was wonderful for Sister Pak. At the end, Sister Pak just said
that the past week she had made so many mistakes...all small, but they
make her feel bad. We talked about how that is ok, every week at
church we get to take the sacrament and be clean again, to try again.
she said that's why she need to diligently keep coming to church. You
got it!

Yestderday was the day of miracles. I have been praying every night to
know what to do for our area. Because I was scared! How was I supposed
to run an area? And my Korean...lacking. BUT, yesterday we were
walking to go visit some less actives and amazing things happened. on
our way there, Sister Fudge just looks goes up to this lady walking my
us and offers to help carry her bags. She didn't need help, but she
pulls us into the shade and starts talking to us. Long story short,
she speaks really good english and wants us to come visit. She just
wants to talk with us. So we gave her a Book of Mormon, exchanged
number, and went on our way. Later that night, she texted us just to
say thank you for the good book, hope to see you soon! wow! then, on
the way home, I felt like I should just talk to this lady waiting at
the same bus stop. so I did. she was really nice, and guess what? she
wants us to teach her daughter english! we were waiting for the same
bus, to we rode and talked together the whole way home. She wants to
have us over for dinner with her family. So cool! THEN at our bus stop
going home, we talk to this lady and she asks about us as
missionaries, we say that we came to serve. and we teach about Jesus
Christ. She asks if we know the Bible. yeah, we do! so she wants to
meet to talk about those things. WOW! if we had gone down a different
street or been at the bus stop at a different time or crossed the
steet one minute later, we wouldn't have met those beautiful sisters.
Amazing, isn't it, to see the blessings of the Lord in our lives. I
KNOW He is mindful of us. He loves us. He is our Father. I am so
blessed to be a missionary and see miracles everyday. Best time of my

have a wonderful week! you are in my prayers!

all my love, Sister Bassett

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