Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sister P

Dearest Family-

Last Monday we hiked 관악산... Gwanak Mountain. not sure how high it is, but it was pretty long! So fun. I love nature and have missed it living in this big city! our whole Zone went together. The Koreans get all dressed up when they go hiking...seriously. Like special pants and backpacks and walking poles. it is a big deal. so having about 18 foreigners in t-shirts and sweatpants was hilarious to them! 

Our English class. Still one of my favorite things, but we have this older lady to comes now and makes it a little difficult. and hilarious. Elder Westbrook is always laughing his head off or so frustrated. She just kinda yells out words...if we are speaking in Korean, she yells any words she knows in English. and if we are speaking English, any words she knows in Korean! haha good times!

This week was full of meetings again. We got to attend the temple on Thursday. SO GOOD! Ross will love the Seoul temple when he gets to go. It was a beautiful day outside and even more beautiful inside. And I got to do the family name that Landon found. Thanks Lanny! It made me all teary-eyed when I looked at his name on the card. no matter where we are in the world or what is going on, the temple is truly a place of refuge. It is the house of God. and you can feel it.We always get to have a testimony meeting before we go in...I am amazed by the missionaries I get to serve with! It is so powerful.

Then Friday was Zone Conference. I love President Morrise! really. everyone does. He read pieces of people's letters from our mission to show the miracles. As a whole, we are working MIRACLES here in Korea! sometimes it is hard to see that from where I am at...just walking around and trying to talk to people and teach. but from that vantage point, we really are making a difference. 

so, the best for last! on Tuesday, we went over the baptismal interview questions with Sister P. She is truly prepared. It has been the greatest blessing to be the missionaries that got to teach and learn with her. It was a beautiful experience...holy in so many get to watch her testimony grow and her faith strengthen. on Sunday after her baptism, a member of our bishopric said to me "she has prepared well for baptism...she won't be going in-active! this is what missionary work is all about, right? this, right here!" and he was right. Her cousins and aunt came up for the baptism. and her cousin got to baptize her. Sister Fudge and I sang "Come Thou Fount" right after her aunt bore her testimony. Sister P just had tears running down her face. She is a special soul and everyone can feel it. Her husband also came to church and the baptism. a beautiful family! that night, we texted her and asked her to write down how she felt after her baptism. "Bassett and Fudge missionaries....good good good and good!" was her response. the warmth and light emanating  from her was tangible. 

That is why I am out here! to invite people to come to Christ. I'm not perfect, but I know the way. We all do. The gospel has given us that blessing...we know the way to peace and joy and safety and confidence and guidance and all other good things. The light in Sister Pak has inspired me. I KNOW you will be blessed as you share the gospel. I feel like Sister Pak was a miracle for me. ah. I am just grateful that the Lord let me be here and know her and share the gospel with such an amazing person. and it's not over! the temple is now the next goal. 

I love you all. I love being a missionary. I love Korea. I love all of you!

xoxo, Sister Bassett

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy 추석!‏


Hi! Korean Thanksgiving was so fun. so good. I got to wear my 한복, so that was awesome. and see all the missionaries. I love being able to see the two sisters from my MTC district and talk about where we are now. Because of 추석 we didn't teach any lessons today...everyone goes to their hometown and things just kinda shut down. it was crazy to see my busy, busy streets so empty! anyway, I'll send some pictures.

Friday was the big fall cleaning day. Hi. our house is a mess. we spent hours cleaning and still not done! that night we went to 김포 for dinner, about an hour way. ate so much good food. She is the Stake RS president and he teaches Sunday school. the daughter just got back about a month or 2 ago from serving in temple square. such a good family!

then on Saturday, we had dinner with two of my favorite grandma's in the ward. I ate a small chicken. REALLY! in a soup. bones and just pick them out. it was really yummy! and fruit. and kimchi. and veggies. and this tea that tastes like vinegar and honey and i love it. SO FULL! one of the grandma's, 김명자 (Sister Kim) is coming to Utah for 6 months! so she got mom and dad's phone number and wants her daughter to call you. so be ready for that. She is happy and energetic and full of light. she has helped me so much. even though we can't really understand her, she just laughs and says "I love you!" and I can feel it.  our investigator,  Sister P, loves her! 

Speaking of Sister P, she will be baptized this Sunday. She is wonderful. keep praying for her! 

Mom, this is a shout out for your essential oils...I had the WORST head ache this week. I was so dizzy and sick. so, I took some peppermint and fennel, and the next morning, Boom! I was just fine! so thanks :)

It's been a crazy week. I don't really know what to say. so i'll send a bunch of pictures. 

Sister Bassett

President and Sister Morrise with Sister Bassett…dressed in their festive hanboks.



                                                     Sister Fudge, Sister Arthur, Sister Bassett

Sunday, September 15, 2013

set goals, make plans

Dear Family-

So two weeks ago, our Zone Leaders asked us to prayerfully set goals at the next weekly planning and then watch for how God helped us make those goals. the week that we just finished was that week. They also asked us, at the end of August, to make a goal for how many baptisms each companionship wanted to help have during September. SOO...

this week we made almost ALL our goals. more than we ever have before. it was so awesome. We even had 2 people at sacrament, which has NEVER happened for us before. But the biggest miracle was Sister Pak. we really thought that one baptism was a good goal for September. We knew that Sister Pak was ready, but she already told us that she wanted to be baptized October 6. So we wondered "who else is prepared?" well...sadly, no one else was. BUT on Thursday at our lesson, we mentioned that General Conference was the week she wanted to be baptized. and Transfers are the Wednesday before. She said "I'm ready...I can be baptized on September 29" and then when she realized that I might leave, she started to tear up. I love her so! We taught Tithing that night. She accepted. We taught Word of Wisdom on Sunday. "I can't drink coffee anymore? ok.." she accepted. law of chastity. also accepted. SO PREPARED! I am awestruck. all in all, she will be baptized the day before September ends. Miracle, anyone? It is the greatest blessing to be able to be a part of all of this. My heart has been opened in ways I didn't know it could be. 

This week I started the Book of Mormon again. I LOVE IT! let me read it all the time! really. I learn SO much. and it is ALWAYS relevant. literally, a voice crying from the dust, written for our day. I was reading about Laman and Lemuel. and Nephi asks them how they could forget that they have seen an ANGEL! how?! but then, I think, "sister Bassett! how could you forget the miracles you have seen? that the Lord can do anything?" they probably didn't write it down. so i have really been trying to record the miracles I get to see in my journal. little things are the best :) 

I have a testimony of PRAYER. I know, like I never have before, that God lives and loves us. each one of us. I love and am grateful to each one of you!

xoxo, Sister Bassett