Sunday, November 10, 2013

hello from 평택!‏

Hi! ah. we made it. yes. I am in the country! SO different from my last area. I mean...the subway station is outside! there are tractors! haha so awesome.
I said goodbye to so many members of Bongcheon ward this week. and cried so many tears. Especially saying goodbye to Sister Pak.  She is so lovely. Sister Morrise came to serve with us for one day, and she just assumed Sister Pak had been a member forever! so wonderful. We got to go out to lunch with her and her husband. I wouldn't trade my time sharing the gospel with her for anything.
we also went to dinner with an older couple in our ward. Their son was converted through meeting the missionaries at English class! he went on to serve a mission and moved to Provo for BYU. when his parents came to visit, seperately, they both got baptized! so they are converts of about 5 and 3 1/2 years. so...we went to this tofu restaurant and I (choked down) ate like 20 pounds of tofu. when we were walking back, she just held my hand and talked to me in Korean, saying that if people see us missionaries walking and talking with a Korean grandma, they will think we are a good church. so it is a really good idea :) love her!
I also tried real sushi. like a chunk of raw fish on top of rice with wasabi. it was pretty good! crazy spicey. i could breath really good afterward :)
my companion is wonderful. Sister Goines. she is from Fresno California. cool huh, mom! We had training in 송파 and then a THREE HOUR subway trip to 평택. we laughed so much. and lugged her huge suitcases. and had to transfer 3 times. and at one of the stations, I forgot about the huge stairwell, so we had to carry them down! that was an adventure.
and then we are here! we went to church 2 times yesterday...our english branch from the base and our Korean ward. Not gonna lie, understanding EVERYTHING at church was really weird. one of the families reminds me SO much of the Hemmings! the parents looke like Travis and Angela and they have two little girls about the same years apart as Ali and Rori. and the wife ACTS like Angela (so smiley and happy and loving...and an RM)! it is so funny. like watching their family 15 years ago! or Ali in like 7 years? our Korean ward. LOVE them already. they haven't had sister missionaries for 15 years, so they are really happy! and so are we! we are going to light this place on fire! so excited. My companion is awesome and just ready to work. I feel like we have really similar goals and vision, so it will be all sorts of wonderful. and I will start going on exchanges soon as sister training leader, so I'm getting ready for that! any advice? the wards are already taking care of us! we got like 10 pounds of kimchi at church yesterday. and had dinner at a family-from-the-base's house. meatloaf and mashed potatoes and icecream. it was heavenly. such a good birthday dinner.
speaking of that! best ever! thanks for all the love and birthday wishes.
because of the new area...we are emailing in a PC room. it is kinda...yeah. full of gamers? and people smoking? yep. Ross, I feel ya!
I just LOVE being a missionary! It feels so good. I love you all. I miss you. BUT I am praying for you all and so grateful for your support. Our Savior lives. I know it.
xoxo, Sister Bassett

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