Sunday, October 27, 2013

one more week

Dearest Family-

I felt like I was in America last week emailing at President's house! we had a Sister's Conference, so we had to email there. Today I'm back home at Cafe Justin emailing on the borrowed computer. 

It is starting to get cold here. Gar and Ross...I got my awesome winter coat at a flea market near our house. It is so way too big on me! whatever. it's warm. and like 18 American dollars. The afternoons are beautiful. crisp air, just like fall should be! and the leaves are starting to change colors. 

We have fewer investigators than we would like (read We have zero investigators meeting at the moment) so we have been able to do a lot of street conversations! President has asked that we have "conversations" and not "contacts". It has been super good! And we've spent lots of time English flyer-ing. We just stand at the subway exit and pass out little papers for our English class. It always generates good conversations! and tons of people get to see two smiling foreigners. so that's awesome. I accidentally gave fliers to 2 other 외국인 (foreigners) this week! funny and awkward. especially when one looks at you, so confused, and says "thank you?" so i just laugh and say "oh...hi!" We are having a big Halloween party in our English class this Saturday which we are really excited about. Our whole ward is in on it! Our bishopric told us that the missionaries always have a Halloween party, but it has never been like a ward event. WHAT? how can we do it without them? seriously...our bishopric is the best. I will cry if I ever have to leave them! which might be soon. because transfers calls are this saturday. yikes. This little spot of the city is my home! anyway. so yay Halloween! it should be great.

in other news...we found TWO less-actives this week! and they BOTH said we could come again and visit! (fist pump) there are, sadly, so many lost members of the Church here. More than active members by a long shot. so we try our best to focus on a few. our ward is awesome about being friends with them.
I still love being a missionary! I feel like I am still such a young little missionary. but it is not the case! life moves by so quickly.
I love you all. I pray for you and think about your lives. I am grateful for your testimonies that have built mine. In a small way, each of you is sharing your light here in Korea because I took it with me.
xoxo, Sister Bassett
Sister’s Conference! SO fun!

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