Sunday, December 8, 2013

love those Korean grandmas

Dear Family-
I love you, I LOVE you, I LOVE YOU!
Another wonderful week in Korea! Sister Goines and I have started switching off every week with one of the sets of Elders going to the English military branches. So, every week we go to Church or FHE and then switch for the next week. it is great. I am just LOVING these families. and I can talk to the kids...and they understand me...which is crazy. and awesome. They are from all over the US with all different backgrounds and all living and loving the gospel. it has been really interesting to suddenly be transplanted into and English branch! But it is so good.
I love Koean grandmas. have I told you that lately? they are so great. and they think we are beautiful. and tell us that everyday. This week we met the sweetest little grandma on the subway. She looked through all our family pictures (mine and Sister Goines') and told us about her family. She wouldn't take our Book of Mormon, but she loved us! She just held Sister Goines hand the whole time ^^ and then that night, she called to remind us who she was. and that we needed to have dinner together. and say "love you! goodnight!" AHHH! but. she lives in 대전 mission. heart broken! she was lovely.

I also got to talk to another little grandma carrying a large bag of who knows what across the subway station. I was on exchanges with Sister Goodnough....We came to the top of the escalator and she was standing there, looking at her bag. so of course we offered to help! We talked a little, helped her to where she needed to be, and we were off. But not before she grabbed my hand and told me that we looked like angels...that we were angels to her. In the Bible, it says that Christ "went about doing good" and once in a while, I feel like I am truly His representative as I try to do likewise. I am grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who has given us the chances to serve.
Contacting. That is still the name of the game! because we don't actually have investigators. so hi former investigators! we have been calling through old record so much. and we actually have an appointment for next week!
I went to my first MLC...mission leadership council. WOW! it is such a blessing to serve with such wonderful missionaries. They talked about being messengers of joy...I am still studying that one out, so I'll write more next week ^^ and, I have found that I have lots to say. the Zone Leaders ask if I have any comments, I say "um...just..." and then proceed to talk for like 5 minutes. Sound familiar? haha. We also had Zone training this week, which was awesome. again, wonderful missionaries! We have been talking a lot about how to use the Book of Mormon in teaching and contacting. Don't teach the gospel of Sister Bassett, teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. all the time.
We also had the chance to go to the hospital this week. there are 6 very old grandmas in this room together. one of them in a widow of an American soldier, so we got in contact with her through Elder and Sister Riding who serve on the base. (the Ridings are the BEST! we love them so!) we go and sing hymns, stick hearts on the wall, and just hold their hand. Mrs. Lewis, the widow, is deaf. So I learned how to say "Hello! My name is Sister Bassett. I am so glad to meet you!" in Korean sign language. kinda cool. the other women just hum along while we sing. We also met their of which used to meet with the missionares. Coincidence? I think not!
I am beyond grateful for your love and support. We are in this together...members and missionaries...hastening the work of salvation.
xoxo, Sister Bassett

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