Sunday, January 26, 2014

I’m actually writing a letter!

Dear Family-

have you missed reading my very exciting letters about life in Korea? I feel like I haven't written in so long and I have so much to say that I don't know where to start!

not much has changed around here ^^ it is cold. I wear leggings everyday. and sometimes two skirts. so many sweaters. and still my grandma boots. (literally...we saw a grandma on the street and i was like "hey! grandma! we have matching boots on!" she wasn't that impressed...) We still have our one investigator! she is awesome and she really loves us, but maybe not so into the whole church thing... She doesn't want to come. She said she will be baptized for us, but that's all. Not quite how it works. so we are working with her.

Our ZONE! ah. it has been really awesome lately and just keeps getting better. This zone has been struggling for a while, so we started the "Revolution" being lead by our wonderful Zone Leaders. We are talking to MORE people (conversations), getting MORE numbers, and STREET LESSONS. and street lesson means that we get a return appointment from a street contact (time, place to meet). Street lessons are hard to get, but awesome! a bummer when they don't show up though. We have met so many lovely people. Whether they are interested in the gospel or not, it is a great feeling to just talk to a really nice person.

OH! how could I have forgotten! we also have an investigator in our English Branch. He is AWESOME. and from Nigeria. Sister Goines found him on the subway while I was away on exchanges. He grew up next the a Mormon church, but everyone thought it was so strange because it was always locked up. He has been to church for the past 3 weeks...leaving his house at 7:30 to make 9:00 church. so awesome! When we are at church, he looks up every reference and reads all the scriptures and told us yesterday that he loves coming to worship with us. and his comments in gospel principles are inspired. Sadly, he is moving into another area this week. So we called the Elders that we will have to refer him too...and guess what! A Nigerian man had moved into their ward the same day! God's timing is perfect.

but I am not. So far from it. It is a blessing and a privilege to get to serve! all God has to work with are imperfect people. and He (miraculously) is ok with that! Sister Goines and I have this goal to read the whole Book of Mormon this transfer, and I was reading in Alma 24 the other day. I love in verse 14 when it says that God loves our SOULS. not what we look like. not how rich we are. NOT where we have been or the mistakes of the past. He loves my SOUL...what I am made of. and what I can become with His help. I know that God can work miracles in our own lives and in the lives of those we love. 

have a wonderful week! love you all.
Sister Bassett