Sunday, March 16, 2014


Dear Family-

The cold stopped being jealous this week! yay! Spring is coming to my town, mom! Today I am not even wearing tights! yessss.

So, in an effort to learn Korean, my brain has gotten rid of all English words that I don't use regularly. Like cactus... Sister Goines and I were in the store last p-day looking at flowers (because I love the ranuncula that I have!), and I see all these cactus plants. They would be so easy to take care of, right? so I turn to her and say "Hey Sister Goines...wanna buy a cactapus?" she just starts laughing and me and is like "what?!" I didn't even notice! when she pointed out what I had said, we both got a good laugh. Welcome to Korea!

AND...transfer calls! We knew that someone was going to leave. And we were pretty sure that it would be Sister Goines. She was just so anxious all night. And we were the LAST ones to get our call. at like 10:35. It was crazy. BUT! guess what! I am staying here and getting a Korean companion! I am really happy and excited! this is my transfer to really learn Korean and feel comfortable with it. Because, ya know what? it took a long time to get here, but these last 6 months I have are going to be the BEST ever. It is just getting better and better. Good things keep on coming! (ps...Sister Goines is going up to the city with Sister Saunders!)

I am still loving reading in Jesus the Christ. I have a goal to finish it by Easter and it has been so good. And what is even better, I know that I am changing myself. Everyday, every decision, adds to my mighty change of heart. Situations that would have made me so upset or frustrated I think about the Savior more and act differently. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and how He can change us. I pray everyday that the things I am reading and experiencing will get inside of me and affect me for eternity. Because that is what we are building here... our eternities. 

I am looking forward the the change! It will be hard and I will sure miss Sister Goines, but we are both excited. It will be a fantastic transfer.

I love this work! I love being here in Korea. 

AND! shout-out to the best dad in the whole world! happy birthday, daddy! I love you pops!

xoxo, Sister Bassett

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