Sunday, March 23, 2014

hello, Sister Kwak!‏

Dear family--

You guessed it! Transfer week! My new companion is Korean...Sister Kwak...and she is super awesome. I just love her already! She is a lot quieter than me, but I think we will get along. She is learning English and just got thrown into to the fire with this area! We transferred on Wednesday and she has already been to dinner with two American families, Church, Korean class, and English class. Ah! She is a trooper. We both can understand where the other is at because language is a frustration for both of us now! I speak so much Korean with her, though. So that is awesome. And it will really help me! We made a goal to do every other day...english korean english korean... to help both of us. I am excited to see what we can do together here. It will be great!

This letter will be short, but I just wanted to share something I learned this week from my reading in Jesus the Christ. It is a wonderful book. This morning I was reading about Christ healing a woman on the Sabbath. The leaders of the synagog (of course) accuse Him of breaking the Sabbath. And the Savior patiently and perfectly shows His love for this woman. If animals are to be let out of their stalls on Sunday, shouldn't a "daughter of loosed from this bond on the Sabbath day?" Later, Elder Talmage writes that "whatever her ailment, whether wholly physical or in part mental and spiritual, she was FREED FROM HER BONDS." I love that though. No matter what is binding us down, be it physical sickness, sin and mistakes of the past, or trial and sadness, we can be freed through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Mom, I loved you letter this week, the He is our Advocate. He is there to lift us up and help us reach higher. He will always be there to release us from our sins, heal our wounds, and become like He is. 

This transfer is one of the many chances I have on my mission, and in life, to START AGAIN. to remember that faith is pointed towards the future.

I love you all! you make my day with your emails. go forward with FAITH! 
xoxo, Sister Bassett

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