Sunday, February 23, 2014

아침 자녁 매일같이... in other words, "We Are Sowing"‏

Dearest Family-

We all have hard times. Everybody. During our difficult days, sometimes we need comfort. and other times we need a swift kick in the pants... I needed a swift kick in the pants. so thanks for that, Dad! Because, ya know, being a missionary is thee greatest thing that ever happened to me. And no matter what, we need the Savior. and He is ALWAYS there. I know that.

 We were singing in church on Sunday and God gave a heavenly message just for me during the opening hymn:
 "We are sowing, daily sowing, countless seeds of good and ill, scattered on the level lowland, cast upon the windy hill. Seeds that sink in rich brown furrows soft with heaven's gracious rain. Seeds that rest upon the surface of the dry, unyeilding plane...seeds by faithful souls remembered sown in tears of love and prayer...seeds that live and grow and flourish when the sowers hand is cold. By a whisper sow we blessings, by a breath we scatter strife. In our words and thoughts and actions lie the seeds of death and life. Thou who knowest all our weakness leave us not to sow alone, bid Thine angels guard the furrows where the precious grain is sown till the fields are crowed with glory filled with mellow ripened ears filled with fruit of life eternal from the seeds we sowed in tears."

Each of us are planting seeds everyday. And that is why I am here. To INVITE others to come unto Christ. Sometimes our seeds, no matter our effort, fall on "unyeilding" ground. But others will be nurtured by our love and prayers and someday bloom after we are gone. We don't always get the witness the fruit. We have such an influence on those around us. And those who are ready will respond. BUT, through it all, our Savior will never leave us. He is the light in our hearts and in our lives that can never go out. He will help us overcome our weaknesses and run to our aid throughout this life. And someday, we will see those seeds that were watched over and then "flourish" after our hands are cold. I feel like I am often, quite literally, sowing my seeds in tears. Angels are guarding the furrows...they are preparing the hearts of many and are round about us bearing us up. No amount of tears or sowing is ever wasted. 

(mom... here is a note for you!)
this week, after Mom's comment in her last email that my heart should be "filled with, overflowing with gratitude for the love dad and I have for you." And I am! so I finished the Book of Mormon again last week and was left with Mormon's letter to his son, Moroni. He says in Moroni 8:3 that he is "mindful always" and praying over Moroni. I feel that from you! I am so blessed and thankful. there is power in family prayers.

This week. We taught Sister Kim again. This time, we had to meet her at the different ward building, so just us to missionaries again. no member! But it went really well. She is reading the Book of Mormon and promised to pray about it this week. She doesn't know that it is God's word yet, but she wants to. and I know she can!

Korean side note... I am convinced that if you could read Korean alphabet, you could probably understand about half of the signs/billboards outside! ie: my shampoo and hairspray both say things like 설파이트 free. sound it out...sul-pa-ie-tuh. sulfate. Konglish! all the time!

and they are listening to Jackson 5 right now.

I love you all!

xoxo, Sister Bassett

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