Sunday, March 9, 2014

the cold is jealous.‏

Dearest Family-

They have this saying in Korean... 꽃샘추위. it literally means that the cold was jealous of the flowers, or spring. And that happened this week! It started to get warm, then this week it got freezing again. Like, it snowed yesterday. But, it is only supposed to last one week, so that is a plus!

and... ONE YEAR! can you believe that it has been a whole 365 days since I went into the MTC and started this adventure? I hardly can! The mission has been the most trying, strengthening, faith-building, miraculous, difficult, tearful, amazing, beautiful experience of my life. I am so grateful for it.

This week. It was awesome. Nothing huge happened, but it was just a great week. I just FEEL good. that "I am a missionary! and it is the best!" feeling happened a lot this week. I have had a really rough past little while...mostly my own fault...and really let it get to me. But ya know what? THIS is EXACTLY what I wanted. I am so happy to be here. And the more I learn of the Savior's atonement, the more I realize the joy it brings to my life. I have been reading "Jesus the Christ" (trying to finish it by Easter) and I love what I read this morning. He is talking about the parables Jesus taught in Matthew chapter 13. As I read them, EACH ONE applied so much to me, to those we are teaching, to life in general. I especially loved this quote about the parable of the merchant man and the pearl of great price- "the price of possession is one's all...if he willingly sacrifices ALL that he has, he shall find that HE HAS ENOUGH. the cost of the...pearl is not a fixed amount, alike for all; it is all one has. even the poorest may come into enduring possession; his all is a sufficient purchase price." I really love that. No matter how insignificant my contribution is, if it is my all, it is enough. Christ has promised us that.

We met a new investigator this week through a service project, so that was awesome. She has some English interest, and is really wanting to learn about the Book of Mormon. We will meet her on Friday! AND, from the same service project, we met an American from the base. And he came to church with us. and stayed the whole time. and went to dinner with us and a bunch of ward members total, probably spent like 7 hours with church members! he is really prepared. it is SO cool. 

I love you all. I am grateful for you. I know that God is preparing people for us to find and help, wherever we are in the world. 

Happy birthday Ally! make it a great week!

xoxo, Sister Bassett

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