Sunday, April 27, 2014

begin again.

Dearest family~

Every six weeks, on Saturday, our transfer calls come. And the week before (especially the day of) my heart pounds and my mind thinks about what the next transfer holds. Well, this time it came on Friday!!! Just as we were finishing up planning...just a normal night...President calls and tells us that it is TRANSFER CALLS night! what?! I whip out a pen and my planner (to write things down. as STL, we are told about where all of our sisters are going, who is coming, etc. so I can't remember it all!) and turn on speaker phone. First off, Sister Kwak is staying with Sister Kang. And I am leaving! Heading out to 답동 dab-dong to open/train again. And I am so happy and excited to begin start over and try one more time to open and train and be the missionary I know I can and should be. I am so happy to start her mission (and end mine...) with a bang. Every morning is a new beginning, but something about moving areas renews my resolve to work harder and be serve with full purpose of heart. I just want to be a missionary that other sisters and elders, that you, and that especially the Lord can rely on. (plus, I found out last night that we will be living with 가정 ka-jeong  sisters and I was even more happy! four sister house!) So 답동, here we come!

I love you all. I know the Savior lives, this is His work. God is in the details of our lives...just like He directs where to send one 21 year old girl every 6 weeks. 

xoxo, Sister Bassett

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