Sunday, June 1, 2014

never washing my hand...‏


This week I didn't make notes of each day, so I'm just gonna start off with ELDER COOK'S visit! Yes. He came to our mission. Actually, it was another joint mission conference with the Seoul mission. And it was amazing. Before the meeting, he had every missionary there (about 350 I think) come up and shake hands with him, his wife, and Elder Ringwood. It was the neatest shake hands with an apostle of the Lord and just look in his eyes. Plus, Elder Ringwood had come to our Incheon stake conference just two weeks ago, and I talked with him there. So when I went to shake his hand, he gave me a fist bump (yeah. pounder) and said "glad to see you again" then shook my hand. Best. Day. Ever. So that is why I can never wash my hands. ever again.
Elder Ringwood started the meeting with a short but powerful talk about four words to think of as missionaries- Consider. Contend. Astonish. Generational. He talked first about how we must consider our ways...What am I doing and how am I thinking about the priviledge of serving a mission? Once we consider our ways, then we can declare what is true and contend for the right. we can astonish members and nonmembers alike with our faithfulness. and when we teach and testify in that way, our impact can be generational. He gave the example of Oliver Granger in D&C 117...that his name will be held in "sacred remembrance" for generations. Just like our family remembers missionaries and members who had an impact in bringing our family to the gospel, we have that chance to help others in their journey. I loved those four ideas...begin the change with yourself and work outward.
Sister Cook also gave the most adorable talk about connecting the Christlike attributes in chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel to hymns/primary songs. Then, we can sing those tunes to ourselves in moments when we need a little more patience or charity or diligence. I loved that idea and I am going to try it this coming week! She was so fun and happy.
Elder Cook talked about so many wonderful things, but especially about 4 kinds of love we need to have as missionaries- love the people. love your companion. love your mission president. love the Lord. As we think about and act on that love, we can then fulfill our purpose of building up the church and inviting others to come unto Christ. He left us with his apostolic blessing that we, as missionaries, are just where we need to be. That EVERYONE we love will ultimately be blessed by our service...whether that is our family back home or our future children. That our hearts can be filled with love and joy as we are doing what we are doing-building the kingdom of the Lord-right where we need to be.
I love the strength that I feel surrounded my so many other missionaries. I also got to see my beloved MTC companion, Sister Sieverts. She is so wonderful. I could not be more proud of those beautiful sisters that I came out of the MTC with. It is amazing to see the growth in them and realize how much our service has changed us. They asked all the missionaries who had been out over a year to stand. and I was in that group. I just cried as I looked at the elders and sisters I have been privileged to serve with. I cried to think about that my life won't always be like this, but mostly it was tears of gratitude that I ever had the opportunity. I know the Savior lives. His atonement is real...I know it because I have felt its power in my life and in my missionary work. Heavenly Father lives, loves us, and answers our prayers. The gospel truly is a message of JOY and we will find happiness as we live it.
this week was an adventure of street contacting, two lessons with our new investigator, visiting with members, exchanges, temple trip, fast Sunday, the start of another Korean summer. I am loving it. and trying to stamp into my brain and heart how good it feels to be a missionary, as my wonderful big brother said to :)
I love you all. I pray for you.
xoxo, Sister Bassett

    -Korea! This picture was taken on our hike from last week
 -Food of the week! That is me at a little restaurant and neng-myon. It its cold noodles that are really stretchy, so they give you a scissors so you can cut them! Yum. Noodles and ice and cucumbers and carrots. The broth tastes like…something I can’t describe. Maybe vinegar and Sprite?
    -The sisters that live in  my house!  Yes, matching dresses. :)

    -Saw my COUSINS at the joint Missionary Conference. They were helping out with the food for all the missionaries. So great!  
         -Me and Sister Sieverts! ah love her.

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