Sunday, July 13, 2014

street talk

Dear Family-
the boys sitting behind me...반말ing to each other and talking about their games. makes me laugh every time.
I got to watch soccer this week! yeah, I never realized how much I really love watching it and miss seeing Ross and Lan play. so maybe it was just a few missionaries and a bunch of high school boys, but still fun. Good p-day. I love being around other missionaries and feeling the sense of "family" that comes from serving together. After p-day was over, Sister Nebeker and I went to visit a less-active's house...their two sons were baptized and are now less-active, the parents aren't members. SO, they weren't home. But on the way home, Sister Nebeker and I met the sweetest lady. She owns a little clothing shop near the house we visited. I always take the chance to commet on the cute clothes (in this case, Korean soccer jerseys) they are selling as a way to chat with them. And she loved it. We sat down together in the camping-style chairs on the sidewalk and talked. Her husband recently passed away, so now it is just her...she doens't seem that old either, maybe mom's age. Lots of women here want to learn English, and so does she! maybe another person to add to our family english program list? We tried to see her again, but the shop was closed. Wish us luck this week!
Speaking of Englsih program, we found TWO MORE investigators this week! english interest. But I love them already. Sister Kim and Sister Kim^^ Their english names are Stella and Shaun. cutest. have I mentioned that WE met them on the street?! technically, we met Stella on the street and then she brought Shaun with her. POWER OF STREET TALK! I mean, I have always known that talking to more people while we are out and about brings blessings, sometimes those blessings mean investigators. But those investigators, for me, have always come from other sources. I am loving this new blessing. Shaun went to a Christian-run mission high school, so she has some religious background. and both seem really open and are just fine with us sharing about the gospel. for the win! I am really excited about teaching them.
and teaching in general. This week in our lesson with Sister Choi, I fell in love all over again with teaching and testifying about the gospel. I can't believe I was ever reluctant or scared to teach gospel priciples in college! We had our lesson planned to teach about the cycle of apostasy in the Book of Mormon (the pride cycle is really useful in teaching ^^) and then about prophets. Well, that didn't happen. Because something better did. I had just made myself a new Book of Mormon case for my proselyting copy, and on the back I put a family picture (thanks for sending them, momma!) and the scripture in Moroni 8:2-3. I love those verses and they always remind me of mom and dad. I found them near the beginning of my mission when I was having a rough time being so far and feeling lonely and all those good things that new missionaries feel. I have read it over and over through out my mission, and still love it. ok. anyway, back to the story...Sister Choi saw my cover and oogled over cute Zola and the other kids, and our beautiful family, and read the scripture. She got all misty-eyed as she read it. We turned together to the verses and gave a little background on the story. Our lesson turned into teaching about how the gospel blesses families and we gave her The Family- A Proclaimation to the World. And guess what? she promised to read it with her husband! Mr. Don't come in my house husband. We are praying for a miracle.
I have gained such a testimony on my mission, especially lately, about how the gospel blesses our families. Yes, it blesses us as individuals, as friends and neighbors and wards, but especially in our families. It was meant to strengthen us as sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers. Every time I look at our family picture on my Book of Mormon, I am reminded of the special relationship we have with each other. I cannot tell you how many times I have told people in the past week that my family is one of the main reasons I came on my mission.
Another cool miracle this week was working with the members in our ward. We had the blessing of being in the homes of three beautiful sisters this week. First was with the Kims! ah. she is a returned missionary, so we spent so much time looking through her old photos. She told me that I must 꼭 (just a sound that emphasizes the word after it...gok!) marry a returned missionary so that we can reflect on our missions together. Her husband is not, but they are great, active members now. Her daughter is adorable with lots of sass! For example...I made them a little scripture quote to put on their fridge with 3 Nephi 13:33. I told her to put in on the fridge, but the word I used technically means "in" the fridge. So she opens it up and puts it on the top shelf. (my korean...) We had a good laugh though that maybe everyone would see it often there! The next visit was Sister Choi (member Sister Choi). She is my favorite! so sweet and laughs at everything. Also a returned missionary, so is her husband, but he is less active. Because, as she says, his faith is weak. Her whole family is going to America in November to visit her sister-in-law and she is really nervous about going to church and not understading anything. So we practice english, then Korean with her. Third visit was Sister Lee. A convert of about 5 years, I love her to pieces. She and her husband are hilarious and super strong rocks of the ward. SO, we went to her house for lunch. Chicken and cold noodles. yum. I was telling her about the foods that I have to try before I end my mission. One is Soon-deh. so she runs out and buys some on the spot! it is basically it is pig intestines filled with noodles and blood, then cooked. The taste? not bad! the texture? not bad! but the taste+texture+the fact that I know what I am eating= I ate two pieces. (think meat-flavored gum).
one more street talk story, then i've gotta run! We were looking this week for a moon-gu (like a stationary and every little nick-nack store) to buy some paper to print english flyers. We couldn't find one. So we asked a nice old lady on the street, she brought her husband out, and the four of us talked together about where the nearest one could be. They didn't know. So they stop the next lady on the street, and she knows! yes! so we follow her there. Turns out she is from China. and she LOVES us. we buy paper together and then agree to go say hello to her family! obviously. We go there and it is her, her daughter, a niece and like 4 Chinese guys. No one speaks Korean except for her, and no english. So funny. They basically just stared at us while we talked to her and her daughter and fed us fruit. She wants us to be best friends with her daughter. sure! it was so fun.
one LAST thing! we shared 3 Nephi 13:33 this week, go and read it, with the commitment to pray this week for an opportunity to share the gospel. We are begging referrals or anything, we just know how HAPPY it feels to share the gospel! God knows us. He knows what we need. and as we willingly put His kingdom first, He will bless us. SO! I am extending the same invitation to all of you. Read the verse. and pray this week for an opportunity to share this glorious and remarakable gospel with someone around you.
I love you all! sorry for the many spelling errors. Or the fact that I am currently illiterate in two languages. that's what happens when I try and write long letters ^^
 xoxo, Sister Bassett

Sister Nebeker and Bassett - Korea!!

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