Sunday, July 27, 2014

uncomfortable in the growth zone

Dear Family-

My new companion! she is AWESOME. I love her already. Her name is Sister Pratt, from Payson Utah.
Our Bishop's wife, Sister Pak, is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She was converted when she was a young girl, maybe about 12 years old, and has just been a strong and faithful member ever since. She makes me feel like I am loved and cared about across any boundry that language or culture could have brought. Like yesterday, I was standing next to her waiting for Sister Pratt, she was waiting for her husband (they were about to leave to go camping). She grabs my arm and says "lets do member splits for a week! you can come camping with us and your companion can go home with President and Sister Morrise" YES! lets go! we joked about it for a minute, and then when Sister Pratt came out we said "Oh! you are going on member splits, bye! hey, Bishop, can we do splits?" he had no idea what was going on, so of course he said yes. It was so funny! I know it doesn't sound that awesomely hilarious, but I want to remember. I have started writing my emails more like a journal...just little things that I never want to forget about Korea.
We sang in Sacrament, the four Elders and us. Sister Pratt sounds like an angel when she sings and more than one member had tears. I love that I can bear my testimony through song.
On Tuesday we met with Sister Choi and she just about cried when Sister Nebeker said she was leaving! She really grew to love her. AND! she said that her goal is to read the Book of Mormon during summer break and PRAY about it. I mean, she has read it before, but it is really hard for her to believe that Jesus could have come to America. He lived in Jerusalem. So if He was going to visit another place, why didn't He also come to Korea/Asia? We have talked a lot with her about how the Book of Mormon shows that God loves and guides all His children, so I didn't really have a good answer to that. I mean, maybe He did? But as we talked about praying to know if the Book of Mormon is true, I knew again in my heart that THAT is what is all comes down to. We have to read, ponder, and ask God if the book is true. No amount of research or questioning or reading alone can give you the answer.
Transfers on Wednesday! Sister Pratt... I already wish I had longer with her. She is so sweet and courageous in proselyting. I love it. She is super fun and has a great sense of humor. plus works hard.
We met with Sister Lee again (the clothes shop owner). We are just reading through the Book of Mormon with her and using the first chapters of Nephi to teach the Restoration. and it really works! We read through the 1 Nephi 1 with her, pointing out how the gospel blessed their family, the duties of prophets/why we need them, and about Christ and His twelve apostles. She had already read the chapter (yay for commitment keepers!) and it was really neat to point thing out to her that she hadn't noticed. I love the Book of Mormon. I know that investigator lessons go better when we teach from it. I know it is true, it is a testimony of the Savior, and a guide for our lives.
Saturday night, after English class, Sister Pratt and I met this awesome old guy on the street. He bought us icecream and invited us to his house. We asked if his wife was there, and he said yes. She is a preacher. And she quoted Romans 8 to us...the whole chapter. and asked us to testify about Jesus Christ. so we did! they were so cute. then the husband explained his plan for North and South Korea to become united without a war, gave us copies of the plan, and signed them! yes. I love Korean grandmas and grandpas.
I love this work. This week I have thought about something mom has said a few times on my mission- that it is uncomfortable in the growth zone, but there is no growth where we are comfortable. I feel that way! as soon as I loved college, I left on my mission. Got used to the MTC? sent to Korea. And now? getting kicked out again. I love being a missionary. I love this ward that I have the blessing of serving in. I know that Jesus Christ lives, that He is our Savior and our Friend.
I love you all! xoxo
Sister Bassett

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