Sunday, August 17, 2014

fall is here!

Dearest Family---
this summer has been so mild...fall weather is already here!
I got to ride a bike on p-day! It was great. The park was absolutely beautiful, I wish I could have taken pictures! And, so fun, Sister Pratt and I rode a tandem bike...not sure how to spell that. (the Koreans wonder why we made that word...tandem...why not just say a bike for two?) Almost all the sisters in our zone came.
ZONE CONFERENCE. I was awesome. and I gave my "last words" testimony. and cried. I am not ready to come home... anyway! the conference was great. We had three 'workshop' training with the couple missionaries in our mission: Elder and Sister Lee taught about using family history in our proselyting, Elder and Sister Grosebeck introduced a new program to make our english classes more effective, and Elder and Sister Rock talked about planning more effectively. I love those couples and look up to them so much. I am so grateful for the experience they bring to our mission. Serve missions! it is awesome!
I helped with 고추 (red peppers) on Wednesday! well...kinda I begged the grandparents to please let us work with them for just a minute. They put the peppers on black mesh/tarp things to dry, take the seeds out, and make them into red pepper flour--which they then put in basically everything. I put a picture of it in dropbox. They had to move them into the gym because it was starting to rain a little bit. It was so fun! we moved them all from the parking lot to upstairs, then sat and pulled the green tops of. It feels a little like shelling peas or snapping green beans or something...except that they made us wear gloves because the peppers are spicy.
we had good lesson with Sister Choi. She is reading the Book of Mormon, and the index (kind of like the Bible Dictionary.) and loving it. This week we drew a picture, kind of like a timeline, of the book of 1 Nephi...trying to help her be able to focus on the doctrine rather then the who and where. The Book of Mormon is difficult to understand in Korean anyway, so although she has met with missionaries for years, the basics still weren't clicking. When you go back to foundation, then you can build. She is such a great lady with so much faith in God.
Friday was fabulous day! First we had a great lesson with Sister Lee. After last time, we thought about her all week trying to plan a lesson. We planned to teach on Tuesday, she canceled. Planned again for Wednesday, she forgot and wasn't home. Finally, Friday we were able to meet with her. Sister Pratt and I decided it was because we didn't figure out her lesson right until the third try. And it went so well! Not according to plan, but that is how most of them go anyway. She asked if we pray for our ancestors, or do anything like that to help with their salvation. We talked about temple work. It was a really neat experience where I felt the Spirit working through me and working in her. I felt to guided as I explained baptisms for the dead, seeking out our dead to help them progressin the the spirit world. THEN! Sister Pratt came in with Family History, just like we learned at zone conference, and sealed the deal. It was great. We also talked about infant baptism and other doctrines. We had planned to talk about prayer and, towards the end, guess what she brought up? prayer! we asked a few questions, she prays writen and from the heart. good to know. Then she taught us for about 10 minutes about how important it is that we pray. At the end of it all, she said she had learned a lot that she is, a devout Catholic, humble enough to be meeting with and "learning from" US! two young girls with nothing to share but a gung-ho testimony.
AND we met with Sister Kim and Sister Kim. LOVE THEM. after English time, we tried to teach "funnly" like they had asked for. We felt like the Plan of Salvation was what they needed to hear, and I know the Spirit guided us on that one too! it really clicked for both of them. I don't have time to write about the awesome lesson we had...but it was awesome! they had so many questions and and growing in their gospel interest. it is so amazing to see.
We got some pretty bad cabin fever on Saturday and Sunday being in the church for soooo looong both days. But! we are preparing for a huge Family Night this Saturday, which should be really good. We have invited so many people and are hoping that if we prepare well, the Lord will bring people there and it will all pay off. I am excited to just work hard this week and end the week will with family night.
I am loving this area. I finally have really great, loving relationships with my ward. our investigators are progressing. I have more and more days where I feel like I can speak Korean. I am not done changing or becoming the missionary I thought I would be/could be. I just am not ready to come home! The paverstone streets of Korea are so comfortable for me. I feel so good here. And I just don't wanna give it up. Being a missionary has been the most incredible experience. I love this work. I love the Lord, whose work this is. I love Korea and kimchi and the rain the sticks in the air and the grandmas that tell me I am beautiful.
I love all of you!
xoxo, Sister Bassett

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