Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Getting to know Korea

                                 Our Zone dinner with my companion, Sister Arthur! YUM!

Sorry about the letter, or lack of it, last week. Here we go for this week!

Korea is always an adventure. especially when you are will another Sister that has been here 6 days. Yep! Exchanges! Sister Saunders and I (the one from my MTC District) here together for a whole 24 hours. It was fabulous ^^ I love her so much! We street contacted for a while in the evening but, jokes! we don't speak Korean! so the next day we set up a street board withmormon.org on it and SANG! in the middle of a busy sidewalk, we stood there and sang hymns and passed out cards. for over an hour. it was great. We talked about the FIRE we felt in the MTC and working to never loose that fire. That's what the MTC is like now! The missionaries out here didn't get to see the amazing feeling that is there now...the 19 year old Sisters coming, the floods of missionaries every Wednesday, the devotionals. So we get to bring that fire and spread it here!

I taught my first REAL lesson this week. It was so neat. Her English name is Sandy (she is on the 6 week program, 30 minutes of English, 30 minutes of the gospel). She is was asking about the Book of Mormon and saying she didn't understand it. I bore my testimony and shared a scripture that really touched me this week...Jacob 5:72, about the Lord laboring with us...I talked about the comfort that verse gave me and just started crying. She said that she wants to believe God is real. She wants someone to rely on. It was great. The next day was Katie's lesson, same program. It was our first time meeting her. After we gave her a Book of Mormon, she sat and read it before English class. So we'll see!

I had dinner in 강남! that is Gangnam (is that how you spell it?)...like in the song. So delicious! and so much food! 

**Line of the week: I was with Sister Saunders talking to this lady on the bus. She asked where I lived, and I was trying to explain that I live in 봉찬 but I was going to 노량진 to sleep at Sister Saunders house. But instead of conjugating it to say "I'm going to her house" I said "shall we go to her house?" the woman looked startled, and said " Me?" um...no. not what I meant to say ^^

**Miracle of the week: after dinner we were planning to go street contact to make our goal of 140 contacts for the week. But it was raining buckets. We said a prayer and felt good about going out, so we did. Sister Arthur even prayed for it to stop raining. We went to the subway station. And NO ONE would listen. The had umbrellas for shields. So we started to head back home. Sister Arthur asked if we could stop at the bus station and I said yes. We talked to a few people there, and then this woman came. Sis. Arthur started talking to her and she had met Elders before! When and where, no idea. But she asked when we could talk about Joseph Smith...she asked US for an appointment! She was really interested in the Church. Just before, I had felt like "oh, maybe we shouldn't have come out..." NOPE! don't doubt the Lord! He knows what He is doing. (thanks, Daddy, for that reminder)

Mom- could you email me some recipes? cookies...or anything really. 
Dad- I found a Korean Rigo Chapparro! seriously. he reminds me so much of him!

I love you all! Have a wonderful day! I know like I never have before that we can turn to the scriptures for comfort and direction. ALWAYS. God will not leave us alone.

바 셋 자매

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