Sunday, June 29, 2014


Tuesday, June 24.2014
Today we had a...lesson?...visit with Sister Choi. I love her. She always tells us about how she is a really popular girl in the neighborhood, because she plays the violin and piano and speaks English. Obviously. So her friends who used to hate the Mormon church/think we are a cult think we are ok now! Because Sister Choi meets with us. assah! We ate ddok-boki with her and her friend today. and less active visit! It made my heart so heavy. The sister let us into her house and we tip-toed through the first room...the room is FULL of stuff. just boxes and who knows what. There is a little path leading to the second room, also full. there is a little space in the middle, just a few feet wide, covered with old blankets. And there is her daughter sitting in the middle of it, chewing on an old wrapper and watching a Korean drama. This sister's story? Her oldest daughter, 30 years old, is mentally handicapped (can't talk or walk, completely reliant on her mom). Her husband has passed away. Her two not really sure, but they live in the house, and aren't around much from what I gather. She cares for her daughter all day and cleans the market at night. She doesn't want the ward to help, but now that I have seen her, I know it is just out of shame and maybe a little independence.
Friday, June 27.2014
Today I am greatful for Sister Gwan, how she loves us and gives us fruit and prays for our investigators. I am grateful that Incheon is such a windy place. I am grateful for real estate offices where I can go and look at their maps when our cameras die and for short little Korean men who climb up on chairs to try and point out where we are on the map. And when he can't find it, calling to the other two workers... so we all 5 go outside and they point us in the right direction. I am greatful for the sweet Vietnamese sister we met, for the young student girls who don't know where the apartment is so they ask the nearest 아저씨  and then laugh at the directons he gives us when we are gone. I am grateful for the cute grandma we found instead of our less active. I am grateful for the girl I sat with on the bus who spoke english and was adorable and said she will text us later. I am gratful for funny korean mom and dad who sell us delicious puffed rice snacks and tell me I should become their daughter in law. I am grateful for music and its power and motivating influence. I am grateful for the Gospel of Mark, that I can read the Savior's teachings, for the story of the rich young ruler as I contemplate on the my great many possessions that I am still working to give away. I am grateful for quotes and lyrics of hymns and how they stick in my mind. I am grateful for rice and kim and that I really love Korean food. I am grateful for our apartment and these beautiful wonderful girls I life with here. I am grateful to be a missionary!
Saturday, June 28.2014
Son Gwan came to English class again today! and guess what. We talked in our class for like 20 minutes about missionaries...why we are here, we don't get paid, still just college students. And then, we told them that if they ever have questions, they can ask us after class. At the end of class, I prayed in Korean and he wrote down my prayer. What?! then after class, he asked if I could tell him about our church. I ended up teaching the whole restoration in about 10 minutes. It was a neat thing. then he went in with the Elders to have a lessons. darn. but I trust our Elders, and it will be great. We stayed to clean the bathroom for church tomorrow and heard Gwan kind of...yelling? fighting? with Andre. oh. no. Elder Kim called tonight...they were just arguing about whatever. Andre wanted to talk, Gwan wanted to learn the gospel. But he said Gwan is shiney golden! yesssssss.
(PS---Gwan didn't come to church because of the argument. prayers, please!)
ok. just a week of awesomeness in Korea! I love you all!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

who is 김장ing in the middle of summer?!‏

Dear Family-
Hey! Lan and dad and mom! have SO MUCH FUN on the Church History Tour. It was such a defining and strengthening experience for me. Dad asked me a few weeks ago if there was advice I have? um...soak it all in. Just love every place, even the long bus rides and late nights. Write in your journal lots. Take pictures. Bear your testimony. it's gonna be amazing.
This week was summer! hot and humid. I'm not sure if it isn't as hot yet, or because Incheon is really windy, or because I'm used to it, but this June doesn't seem as hot as last June!
Last Tuesday we had a lesson with Sister Choi about how we love our families...they are important to us and we can live with them forever. That knowledge of an eternal relationship helps give us perspective and changes how we treat our family here and now. Sometimes she and her daughter have a rough relationship. We also had interviews with President. I love those. He had us share something we had learned in personal study that day. I have a goal to read the whole New Testament this transfer, so I shared with him what I read Tuesday morning from Matthew 19:20. We all know the story...the young rich man, faithful in keeping the commandments, asks Christ what more he lacks. Then the Master responds, with love, that he most sell all his has and follow the Savior. The young man is sorrowful, because he has MUCH. Reading the Four Gospels in light of just having read "Jesus the Christ" has been really neat. Elder Talmage talks about how, at some point or another, Christ will ask us to do that which is most difficult in order to follow Him, for what He wants are true disciples. We must have no priorites above Him. Sometimes I feel like the rich young man...I have so much to give up and get rid of. Yet as I work, just one by one, at giving away my possessions, I can feel His guidance in my life leading me to what is most important. I love this quote from from Elder Christofferson- " the freedom to become what you can and ought to be. But for your freedom to be complete, you must be willing to give away all your sinsyour willfulness, your cherished but unsound habits,perhaps even some good things that interfere with what God sees is essential for you." (it's from his talk "You are Free" in the March 2013 Ensign. I really recommend it) I am trying everyday to find that person that God sees in me.
Wednesday was exchanges! I went to 만수 Mansu area with Sister Sloan and Sister Mineer (they are in a tri-panionship). Oh man. I love Sister Sloan. She always inspires me to work harder, be more faithful, and just push through everything that might come my way. I got to have a super fun lesson with this couple they are teaching. Such cute newly weds! After we exchanged back on Thursday, Sister Nebeker had picked out a few people from the CMIS list (I can't remember what that stands for) for us to visit. We have about 200 less actives in this ward, so we are trying to confirm addresses. anyway. ready for the Miracle of the Week? We found one! aawwwwwwwwesome. She was young, maybe still in her 20's. She was home and we talked with her and she gave us her new phone number. Thanks for signing up to be on Sister Bassett and Sister Nebeker's weekly visit list! she was really cute. maybe all she needs is a hug and an invitation to come back.
THEN! another miracle! on Saturday we English flyer-ed for our class (we teach on Saturday nights). We gave away lots, but didn't find anyone who was super interested. I was super hungry and have been addicted to tuna kimbap lately, so we ran in to this place by the church to grab a bite to eat. As we are leaving, this guy says "hello!" and the conversation goes as follows (except in Korean)
him "hey, I have a question"
us "yes?"
"do you speak Korean?"
"yes, a little"
"do you have an english class?"
"yes! actually it is tonight at 5:30"
"oh. (the current time is just after 5) so in just a little bit."
"yes. if you have time, you should come sometime! are you learning english?"
"actually, I'll come tonight. see you soon!"
ahhhsssssssa! so he came to english class. turns out, he is practically fluent at english (embarassment...) and has gospel interest! He asked about our church and we talked for a while. He didn't make it to church last week, but promised to come next week. I'm really happy and grateful that God doesn't always expect us to run and chase down every blessed miracle, sometimes He brings them right to us.
Our week ended fantastically with the Kajeong ward (we live with Kajeong ward sisters) bishop! I had seen him at the church building and somehow it was brought up that I want to learn to make kimchi (called 김장 kimjang). so Sunday night his daughter calls and invites us all over to make kimchi at his house. Score! it was so fun. They live in the same appartment complex as us, so we just walked on over there! i love it. we will be making kimchi at our house.
I love you! have a wonderful week! you are in my prayers and in my heart.
xoxo, Sister Bassett

Sunday, June 15, 2014

i got transferred to the amazon?

Dear Family
first of all.......행복한 아빠 날!!! Happy Father's day! I hope it was wonderful. Even without your favorite daughter there :) I am so grateful for you, pops! We are the luckiest kids in the world.
This week was, of course, wonderful. We met with our investigator, Sister Choi, twice again this week. She is so sweet. She has a really strong testimony of prayer and has prayed about every big decision in her life...from getting married to buying a house. It is really neat. Her 11 year old daugther has never prayed before. Sister Choi is, understandably, so worried about her daughter not knowing God. She asked us to teach her something, anything, about the Bible and God and Jesus Christ. We started with God is our loving Heavenly Father with Jenny. I am grateful for that simple, life-changing knowledge we have!
We also got to visit with a less-active this week. Her name is also Sister Choi (that's why everyone in Korea goes by last and first names. always). She is a member, has been through the temple, all of that. I'm not sure how it happened but she started working for another church...just organizing activities. Now she is a full member of that church and has completely no interest in our church. Still loves the people, loves the missionaries. She just has so much fun with the other church (they have a dance group and stuff like that). I wish that I could help her see the JOY that comes from living our gospel. Not just fun, fleeting and enjoyable for the moment, but true happiness that never has to leave. for eternity.
Then there was Sister Gwan. Oh how I love her and her sweet family. Those kids of hers! ahh! She is so discouraged so much of the time and often asks how mom and dad did it...they also have 6 kids! how did you? I just want to help her see that this gospel should be a blessing, not a burden for our families. I love them so much and hope some of it rubs off as I am with them.
I love you all! I am grateful to be serving. I love it here...more and more the longer I am a missionary. Have a great week!
xoxo, Sister Bassett

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Dearest Family-
Have I told you yet about our investigator? our only one? her name is Sister Choi. The Elders called her out of former investigators and she wanted to start meeting again! yay! She is really interested in religion (and loves ours) and really interested in English. We usually meet with her daughter Jenny and a friend. She makes them speak to us in English for 30 minutes. and they are really good! Her husband really opposes the church. So much. She has told us about that, but I didn't really understand it until this week. We went to her house, and as soon as Jenny opened the door and we stepped inside, her husband yelled STOP! then (in Korean now) "don't come in anymore." he told his wife to take her "book" and get out. get out now. As he was yelling at us, the first feeling in my heart was fear. It is easy to feel that. Then I started talking to him. Just a nice, happy conversation in the most peaceful tone I could muster. His eyes didn't lose all the fire, but maybe a little bit. The Spirit gives us power, love, and a sound mind. Never fear. It was a neat experience to see the stark difference between the two. We are praying that his heart will be softened and debating what to do with Sister Choi if it is not.
I had the chance, after that experience, to reflect on one of my favorite scriptures in 2 Corinthians 3:2, that WE are the epistle to be known and read of all men. Even people like her husband, he is definitely not reading the scriptures, but he "read" us as an epistle of the Lord. It is an empowering and sobering thought.
I hope this week to be a better epistle...that when I am seen by others they will know something more about the Savior.
I love you!
xoxo, Sister Bassett

Sunday, June 1, 2014

never washing my hand...‏


This week I didn't make notes of each day, so I'm just gonna start off with ELDER COOK'S visit! Yes. He came to our mission. Actually, it was another joint mission conference with the Seoul mission. And it was amazing. Before the meeting, he had every missionary there (about 350 I think) come up and shake hands with him, his wife, and Elder Ringwood. It was the neatest shake hands with an apostle of the Lord and just look in his eyes. Plus, Elder Ringwood had come to our Incheon stake conference just two weeks ago, and I talked with him there. So when I went to shake his hand, he gave me a fist bump (yeah. pounder) and said "glad to see you again" then shook my hand. Best. Day. Ever. So that is why I can never wash my hands. ever again.
Elder Ringwood started the meeting with a short but powerful talk about four words to think of as missionaries- Consider. Contend. Astonish. Generational. He talked first about how we must consider our ways...What am I doing and how am I thinking about the priviledge of serving a mission? Once we consider our ways, then we can declare what is true and contend for the right. we can astonish members and nonmembers alike with our faithfulness. and when we teach and testify in that way, our impact can be generational. He gave the example of Oliver Granger in D&C 117...that his name will be held in "sacred remembrance" for generations. Just like our family remembers missionaries and members who had an impact in bringing our family to the gospel, we have that chance to help others in their journey. I loved those four ideas...begin the change with yourself and work outward.
Sister Cook also gave the most adorable talk about connecting the Christlike attributes in chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel to hymns/primary songs. Then, we can sing those tunes to ourselves in moments when we need a little more patience or charity or diligence. I loved that idea and I am going to try it this coming week! She was so fun and happy.
Elder Cook talked about so many wonderful things, but especially about 4 kinds of love we need to have as missionaries- love the people. love your companion. love your mission president. love the Lord. As we think about and act on that love, we can then fulfill our purpose of building up the church and inviting others to come unto Christ. He left us with his apostolic blessing that we, as missionaries, are just where we need to be. That EVERYONE we love will ultimately be blessed by our service...whether that is our family back home or our future children. That our hearts can be filled with love and joy as we are doing what we are doing-building the kingdom of the Lord-right where we need to be.
I love the strength that I feel surrounded my so many other missionaries. I also got to see my beloved MTC companion, Sister Sieverts. She is so wonderful. I could not be more proud of those beautiful sisters that I came out of the MTC with. It is amazing to see the growth in them and realize how much our service has changed us. They asked all the missionaries who had been out over a year to stand. and I was in that group. I just cried as I looked at the elders and sisters I have been privileged to serve with. I cried to think about that my life won't always be like this, but mostly it was tears of gratitude that I ever had the opportunity. I know the Savior lives. His atonement is real...I know it because I have felt its power in my life and in my missionary work. Heavenly Father lives, loves us, and answers our prayers. The gospel truly is a message of JOY and we will find happiness as we live it.
this week was an adventure of street contacting, two lessons with our new investigator, visiting with members, exchanges, temple trip, fast Sunday, the start of another Korean summer. I am loving it. and trying to stamp into my brain and heart how good it feels to be a missionary, as my wonderful big brother said to :)
I love you all. I pray for you.
xoxo, Sister Bassett

    -Korea! This picture was taken on our hike from last week
 -Food of the week! That is me at a little restaurant and neng-myon. It its cold noodles that are really stretchy, so they give you a scissors so you can cut them! Yum. Noodles and ice and cucumbers and carrots. The broth tastes like…something I can’t describe. Maybe vinegar and Sprite?
    -The sisters that live in  my house!  Yes, matching dresses. :)

    -Saw my COUSINS at the joint Missionary Conference. They were helping out with the food for all the missionaries. So great!  
         -Me and Sister Sieverts! ah love her.