Sunday, December 29, 2013

Be a Champion…why not?

Dear Family-

Oh how I love you! It was so good to see your faces and know that nothing has really changed. And the babies are adorable as ever. 

Sorry...I have spent my email time writing essays. so.

This week was wonderful! We had a mission conference on Christmas Eve. It is always amazing to feel the power from other missionaries. I am so blessed to be serving here and with the people I am serving with. SO GOOD. We also got to hear from 한인상. He was actually President Morrise's mission president! The title of this email is his a champion. Why not? he talked about being ourselves, not pretending. Just be you and start from there. He such a motivation for me to be a better give a full, not partial, BECOME like our Savior, not just teach about Him. Because there is NO WAY to become more Christlike without also bettering every other aspect of our lives.

We spend Christmas day with two WONDERFUL families from our Camp Humphry's branch (mom...I gave angels to both of them ^^). one family for breakfast and one for dinner, with a nap in between. We sure are spoiled! I will try and tell more about them next week?

I am grateful to be a missionary. To be here, in Korea, serving. It means so much to me...I hope you know that. and I hope you know how grateful I am to each of you that helped me get here. 

xoxo, Sister Bassett

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