Sunday, December 15, 2013

oh come let us adore Him

this week I ate new Korean food. cow tastes a lot like corn? The Koreans love it. It is kind of expensive here, but we had it at an all-you-can-eat meat place. Picture like Rodizio's, but you cook your own meat. There is just this huge table of frozen meat, you pick what you want, and there is a little grill in the middle of your table. So you just cook it yourself! Cool, huh? Also, I tried duck intestine? I think? Mom, that picture that you saw of me? From Sister Pak? yeah, that was that night. We went out for duck, which I love! So yummy! You fry the duck meat (again, the grill is just in the middle of your table) and then eat it with rice or wrap it in lettuce. Yum! duck intestine? maybe not so yum. But I always want to try everything once.
It is real cold here. Remember that fat black coat I brought? I wear it everyday! it is awesome. We are getting really good at layering. I bought some boots here...little fur-lined things that make me look like a grandma and I love them. Plus some thick socks (thanks for those, mom!) leggings or two pairs of tights, a dress, cardigan, sweater, coat. plus hat and gloves. it is awesome. Everyone wears puffy jackets! When we sit on the subway close together or everyone is packed in there, it is like a great big pillow. and they sweep the snow here! since the sidewalks are  like paverstones. it doesn't snow a ton, just super icey.
We had a cookie exchange with our Humphry's branch on Saturday. So awesome! I love love those sisters so much. It was like being back at smelled like Christmas and cookies. and even lemon bars! they take such good care of us. and we love them for it. We will probably be going there for Christmas breakfast and dinner!
Our Korean ward also had a 가정의밤 (friendship night? kinda?) on Sunday. We watched the Christmas devotional. Our bishop is awesome. and his them! He served a misison for the deaf here in Korea, so I learned a few more signs! I can say "my grandparents are deaf, so I know ASL. But I don't know Korean sign." and "I am a missionary." and "goodbye!" (literally translates to "stay in peace"). We had three recent converts there and a bunch of ward members.
also...We found an investigator! actually, she is a former investigator. we have been calling through the area books, and we started meeting with her this week. She is just lovely. and her son and crazy and adorable. we love them! She really wants to learn English, but also has questions about our gospel. And she is planning to come to the ward Christmas party on Saturday. yes! We also had a miracle yesterday...we had this goal to have three investigators at Sacrament meeting. We called so many people and invited and did everything we could. But no one came. SO God sent a miracle! Three high school girls came to church. One has been an investigator in the past, but her mom won't let her get baptized. So she brought her two friends yesterday. It was awesome. They will also come next week, and hopefully meet this week!
We set goals for next transfer today. HUGE goals. but we feel good about it. And we KNOW that when we call down the powers of heaven, miracles happen. This week at the temple, that was impressed on my heart again. I just cried and cried. plus there is this Elder Dewey that looks so much like Ross and I say he is my little brother and I just pictured Rossy in the temple and on his mission. So many tears. MIRACLES! it is real!
I am so grateful for Christmas. oh, come, let us adore Him. Him who gives purpose to our lives and peace to our hearts, Him who came to set us free, to release us from death and cut the cords of sin that bind us. Let us adore and worship Him, the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I believe in Christ. I love Him and I know that He lives. I know it like never before. Jesus Christ was born in a manger, He preached the Gospel and established this Church. He died and was resurrected. And He did indeed appear to Joseph Smith in a grove now called sacred. I testify of Him. and what a blessing that is. oh, come, let us adore Him...during this Christmas season and in every season of our lives.
Merry Christmas!
all my love, Sister Bassett

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