Sunday, February 2, 2014

happy 설날! and I'm 23!‏

Dear Family--

I hope that everyone had a great week...and happy birthday! in Korea, everyone born in the same year is the same age. So, I'm 23! same as everyone born in 1992. I will never really tell anyone that I am 21, because by the time I come home, I'll be almost 22. crazy.

Highlights of the week-

New Year's conference! It is always amazing to see all the missionaries and feel their power and spirit and remember that I am a part of it! It astonishes me. I feel this great need to learn better Korean this transfer. Sure, I can talk to people and teach ok, but I want to SPEAK! and be able to communicate the feelings that God puts in my hearts. There has also been a lot of discussion lately in our mission about being happy, but not satisfied, in our work. I'll write more about that next week when I figure it out more!

(plus I got to wear my hanbok...)

Teaching a new investigator! her name is Sister Kim. have I talked about her? She just walked into our Humphry's branch (she is Korean) and now we are teaching her. She just wondered about this church building that only Americans ever attend. When she came, she sat in Primary for about 30 minutes...even though she couldn't understand the words, she was so surprised how HAPPY the kids were. Her questions are very difficult and sometimes I feel like she is about to start Bible bashing us. but she never does! It is so fun to teach her. We talked yesterday about everything from the restoration to the fall of Adam and why three kingdoms of glory to Book of Mormon and the Jaredites. It was so cool. So many questions and so much talking and testifying. I love that feeling...telling others what we know is true gives the Spirit a chance to reconfirm that truth in our own hearts. That also leads me to my next highlight---

Korean. Maybe this is a highlight, and lowpoint, every week. But I love it! learning it has taught me WAY MORE than just a foreign language. I was on exchanges this week with a 'greenie' and after I got done talking to this woman on the bus, she said "does it ever amaze you that you are actually speaking Korean?" and I thought YES! it does! and it should, right? I tell people on the street all the time that it is a blessing from Heavenly Father. And it is.

I had really yummy american food. it tasted like mom's chicken pot pie.

The REVOLUTION in our zone. it is going really well! One of the big focuses (maybe I've already told you) is setting up return appointments on the street. and this week we got TWO! that is kinda a big deal for me. Especially when we leave the house, praying and working for a street lesson, and God gives us one. We have met some really wonderful people this week. We are so excited. As the work continues to move forward and we see the hand of the Lord in our lives, I cannot help but feel so very grateful for the privilege to serve. Here. In Korea. I love this land and this people so much.

little girls in sacrament. They are adorable. I will try and send a picture next week of them in their hanboks. I love them! I can't understand them all the time, but they laugh and giggle and hug my legs just like kids back home.

I got Ally's package and pictures. Thanks! Elsie and Zola are so beautiful...I cannot believe how big they are!

ALSO>>>don't worry. I just got back. from eating something so crazy. guess what it was? dog. yep. I just ate it. Oh the things I have had here! and, actually, it wasn't bad!

I love you all. I am so happy to be here. Have a wonderful week! share the gospel! 

xoxo, Sister Bassett

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