Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dearest family---

Happy birthday to the most wonderful mom in the world! I cannot believe it. I feel like we were just barely all together...singing songs and having your birthday party. I hope it is a fantastic day! And, just for your birthday, here is all of your questions! what a novel!

1-Tell about something wonderful/inspiring you learned during your scripture study this week.
 A- Sister Goines and I had this goal to finish the Book of Mormon in one transfer. Did I tell you about that? The transfer ended about a week and a half ago...and I just finished Ether I was a little late on that. But it has been so good! 

2-Do you ever talk with children? Do they love you? What is something interesting that children say or do in your country that they don’t do here?
A- YES! of course I talk to the kids! there are two little girls in my ward that I just LOVE... Sung-ah and Hae-rim...I am sending you pictures of them in your birthday card. I think they love us...I hope so! And there is this little boy in our English ward that sits with us every time we go to that sacrament meeting. He loves me to run my finger under the words as we sing and he tries to sing along. I can't think of anything they really do very different from in America, kids are just still kids! I love it when the little girls say 오빠 to all the boys in church. It means older brother. Every one that is older then them is older brother or sister. But that is the same for all people! like in restaurants. I say "언니" when I want their attention (older sister)

3-Tell me the names of anyone you have taught over the past month and how you felt as you were teaching them the Gospel…or even speaking briefly of the Gospel.
A- Sister Oh. She is so sweet. I wonder if our words are ever getting through to her, though. She is VERY interested in learning English and LOVES us...these two sweet american girls. When we read the Book of Mormon together, we can feel the Spirit, so I KNOW it is present, but she just ignores it. It is so hard to see, because I KNOW how the gospel can bless and change her life, but all we can do is offer it. Sister Kim. She is our current investigator who just loves to discuss the Bible with our member. She is very smart and very academic. then there is Sister Lee. she is so sweet. her mom met with missionaries when she was like 11 or 12, so when I called them from our former investigators list, I talked to the daughter, Sister Lee! She is so wonderful and already has the light of Christ in her so strongly. she can see that the gospel is something good, that we are different. It is awesome. There are so many others, as we talk on the subway or bus or one the phone, I can't name them all! This gospel is TRUE. that's how it feels. I have learned things here that I never knew before and could never have learned otherwise. 

4-Tell me about a specific attribute you’ve had grow over the past month or so. What has happened to make it grow? 
A- Maybe patience? The nature of missionary work makes it grow! allowing yourself and others to make mistakes, realizing what it means for people to have agency...all those things!

5-How has your heart been softened on your mission?
A-i'll think more about this one...Maybe the biggest way is just seeing HOW MUCH every person needs the gospel and HOW BLESSED I am to have it.

6-Take photos of you and the people who you meet in your country and send them to me soon! 
I will!

OK! so. this week...

You know you are a missionary when the highlight of your week is that a 17 year old inactive boy is home. There is this mom and son in our ward who just disappeared about a year or so ago. They were converts, STRONG converts, and then suddenly stopped coming. They wouldn't answer their phones, no one in the ward knows what happened, and no one ever saw them. just fell off the earth. the missionaries have been visiting the house nearly every week for who knows how long and never found was always dark, nobody home. They even left notes that said asking whoever lived there to call if it wasn't the Sister we were looking for. THEN! about two weeks ago, a member SAW HER! on the street! she said hello and then hurried away. ahhh! so on Tuesday, Sister Goines and I went to deliver an invitation for our Valentine's day party. And low and behold! the DOOR WAS OPEN! we were so surprised. The son (a senior in high school) was just leaving the house. in fact, he has JUST GOTTEN HOME and was about to leave again. So we finally met him. It was so exciting! He seemed really happy that we had come, told us that maybe they would come to the party and that he would see us next time. But we met him! and it was so awesome. 

and the party turned out really well. The elders made a photo booth out of stuff from the church, Sister Goines and I made props for it and decorations, members brought snacks. The photo booth was awesome! we got hilarious pictures ^^ it is always so good for investigators/English class attenders to see our members as normal do something fun together and feel the love for others that our gospel is intended to cultivate. We made s'mores and had a cake walk and lots of good conversations. I'll just send pictures, I can't tell about it!

Yesterday was real rough...we met with our investigator, Sister Kim, for another deep discussion. I can only understand about half of what is going on between her and our member. I tried my best to keep bringing it back to the Restoration, but that didn't work out so well. Sister Goines was on a split with a member upstairs because (good news!) Sister Lee came to church! We also gave her a Book of Mormon and she will try to read, starting in 1 Nephi. So she is awesome. It is just very difficult sometimes to work things out with members and everyone else when I can't always understand them. They expected something every different from the sister missionaries, but I'm not sure what they want me to do! we'll try and figure that out more this week.

another good you remember Noble? the African guy that we referred to another area? they texted us this morning saying that he has a baptismal date for next month! wow!

up and down and all over the place this week. At the end of the day, the Church is still true. Christ is still our Savior. and all things will work together for our good.

Sister Bassett

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