Sunday, July 6, 2014

67th street

Dear Family-
I have been looking at my planner and the screen for the past 5 minutes (seems longer than that...) wondering where to start. I feel like I just send you one big journal entry every week-- recounting everyday and everything is just mixed together. I can't think of a good way to start this, so here is another one ^^
This week was full of wonderful missionary moments. The longer I am on my mission, the easier it gets to not notice the little miracles. But, I also am better at recognizing them because I have had so much practice! and we saw them right and left this week. I am so blessed to be a missionary, serving here in Korea. Just little knocking doors yesterday and finding just one person who opened the door, smiled at us, and gave us her phone number. Finding a grandma on the street who calls a hundred times a day just to make sure we know she loves us. Having conversations throughout the day, a couple seconds here, two minutes there, that make you smile and spread some love. Talking with members at church or in there homes and feeling like you were needed there.
You have all heard this a thousand times, but here it is again! Korean kids are adorable. And great conversation starters. A few weeks ago, Sister Nebeker and I were walking down the street at the end of p-day and I saw the cutest mom with her two sons. Of course I had to say hi the the little boys and then started talking to the mom. Turns out, she really wants her sons to learn english. and this week, on Wednesday, we went to her house to introdouce our Family English Program (30 minutes we teach the gospel, 30 minutes we teach english). She and her husband were both home, plus the boys (Han-byeol is 5 and Han-seoul is 3). Her husband, Brother Kim, met with the missionaries years ago just one or two times. He remembers how nice they were...thanks for planting a seed, elders! anyway. SO! they became our new investigators. Sister Ahn and Brother Kim. We already love them. And let me tell you...this is the FIRST TIME my whole mission that I have ever found someone on the street that became an investigator that I taught. It was a big miracle for us.
Also, I love Dap-dong ward. So much. We are working so ward to be builders of wards and branches like President has asked. and I have a testimony that the amount of love you give to ward members they will give back to you. No matter what language you speak, what country you are in, love is the same. It feels the same. Last week, our bishop's wife, Sister Pak, called out of the blue and invited us to dinner. the food was delicious, we had a great talk with both of them about less actives, and practiced teaching with the Book of Mormon.
I don't know what else to say! The Lord is blessing us here, as I know He is blessing the missionaries all over the world. I love it so much. I know this Church is true. I know that as we share it with all we can, we will feel a joy in our lives and in our hearts that we never new before. This is the happiest time!
xoxo, Sister Bassett

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