Sunday, August 10, 2014

just happy

Dear Family--
I think that monsoon season decided to come about a month late because we got SOAKED yesterdy!
Monday, for p-day, we went down to the harbor to see this huge ship, Logos Hope. It is the neatest thing...young adults from around the world, all Christian, doing service. Basically it is a gigantic book fair that goes all over. They sign up for either 3 months, one year, or two years. I want to do that. we talked to one girl, from Russia actually, about how her experience has been. She talked about how sometimes it is hard (just like missions), but it is the best feeling knowing that she is where God would have her be (like missions). Cool to see how a belief in Chirst really does help all people, us purpose and hope. Another woman, from Brazil, recognized our tags. GO missionaries! And the harbor! it was so beautiful.
We taught Sister Lee again on Tuesday. Today she had watermelon for us and the other people on the street ^^ Her friend was there also...and wants me to marry her nephew. nothing new there. Our lesson went well, discussing 1 Nephi 3, and finished teaching the Restoration. Remember how last week I said we are really focusing on helping her gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon? Well, this week we asked her to pray about the Book of Mormon each time she reads it. Ask God "is this book true? is this Thy word?" I thought that would go over pretty easy because she prays everyday...but "No." was the response. She says that she doesn't need to pray, firstly because that isn't an option as one of her prayers (only recited ones) and secondly because if it is about God and people following God, then obviously it is from Him. She doesn't have to ask. well. not quite how it works. We are thinking and praying this week about a way to invite her again. I liked what it says in the Bible Dictionary, that once we understand our relationship with God, prayer becomes natural and instictive. I am grateful for what the Restoration has taught me about my relationship with God. I am grateful to know that He is my Father, that He loves me, that He had prepared a road for me to return to His presence. it is really comforting doctrine...the God of all things has asked us to pray to Him, personally, with all the thoughts and feelings in our hearts.
We also had a lesson with Sister Choi on this week! she is so fun. I love her!!! So we had that big discussion time with her last week...who is who and the Book of Nephi. This week was basically the same thing only outlining the storyline of Nephi and talking about prophets. at the end, she got super excited about being able to understand. "Girls are smarter than boys! that's why I needed sister missionaries! you can explain and draw and I understand!" it was awesome. The elders (who did a great job) gave her reading assignments that were just scattered throughout the Book of Mormon, awesome chapters i'm sure, but it was difficult for her to put together the doctrine because she was so caught up in not knowing the story.
A less-active we have been visiting/leaving notes on her door all the time decided to start coming back to church! she said that because she doesn't go to church, God won't bless her. I said that He still loves her. She said she knows that, but because she doesn't come, He can't give her the blessings. I said what blessings? she said Like tithing...when you pay it, you have money for everything else. But if you don't, the Lord doesn't promise anything. I said, that's true..... SO happy to see where she goes!
I love you all! I love being a missionary. I love going to church every week and learning about the Savior and sharing testimony with othe saints. Yesterday I gave a TALK in Sacrament meeting! so scary. about covenants and the heritage of hope President Eyring talks about. I am SO grateful to parents and grandparents who passed that heritage down on to me. I know it is true. And it is so hopeful.
xoxo, Sister Bassett

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