Sunday, August 11, 2013


This week is just a blur of baking hot! I'm really thankful for a church that has air conditioning. and baking german pancakes! i have made them twice here!

in other news...Bible bash! ok. not bashing...just lecture? The Elders in another area referred us Sister J. So here is the story- We were supposed to meet her by exit 4 at the subway station. But then she calls and gives us directions to somewhere else. it is POURING rain. seriously! like coming through my umbrella, flooding the river raining. (side note...there is this sidewalk down by the river with stairs to come up to the road. people could come up! because the water was up the like the 3 stair! so these guys in plastic suits and really loud whistles had to go down and help them. wow!) So we are walking up and down the street, trying to find this Sister. and we can't finally she says she will just meet us at the exit. Phew! So she takes us to this movie theater place...we were a little worried. but we just sat at these chairs with her and 3 friends. they are all originally from China. And they talked at us. for like and hour. so we set up an appointment for a real lesson on Thursday. This time it is just Sister J and her daughter and a friend from Canada. all of the sudden, Sister J leaves and the daughter just starts going at the Bible...citing verses and talking about why we don't need the Book of Mormon, how she will only quote the Bible and they aren't her thoughts, they are God's word. it was...interesting. for like 2 hours almost. So much Korean so fast! I just bore my testimony about the Book of Mormon. That it is another testament of is another witness that Jesus Christ was not just a good teacher or a great man, but the literal Son of God, the Savior and Redeemer or the world. I was a little surprised by my own conviction in defending it! but it's just the truth! The Book of Mormon truly is the word of God. I KNOW IT. I have felt it over and over, more than ever on my mission. I love it. 

and good news, Sister Pak finally prayed with us! out loud! we were so happy. She is my miracle. Even if she doesn't get baptized, I have seen her change. I have seen her 'get' the gospel and allow Christ into her life. She is a miracle. I love her with all my heart! We had a lesson with a member planned. We wanted to member to just share her conversion story and her testimony, so when she all of the sudden couldn't come, we were a little worried. BUT, we had done our best, and the Spirit did the rest. better than we ever could. We ended up talking about the mothers of the stippling warriors. (little back story, the night before, in English class, our gospel message was about friends. I talked about Ali...Sister Hemming. I talked about how a good friend is an example, they make us want to be better, work harder, smile more, be happy, love people and love life and just be more. ) She said that she wants to be that friend, that example, for her son. We each talked about our beloved mothers. and that SHE CAN BE THAT! it was so good. We just keep praying for her.

This morning, I was reading in Matthew 4 (i think) when Jesus calls Peter and Andrew, James and John to be fishers of men. It says that Peter and Andrew went STRAIGHTWAY and followed Him. and James and John IMMEDIATELY left their father and followed. I love those words. I am trying each day to have that faith....the courage to just follow Christ. To follow the promptings of the Spirit.

I love you! I love my Savior. I love being a missionary. I love the Korean people...sometimes after seeing them all day, I come home and I'm a little sad that I'm not Korean ^^ 

Love, Sister Bassett

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