Sunday, November 3, 2013

leaves and letter man's jackets

Dear Family-

autumn has arrived! and I love it here just like I love it at home! but, good news! the leaves are HUGE. like bigger than my face. and they have walls just covered in vines, painting the streets red and yellow. it is beautiful. and all the students at Seoul National University are sporting their letter man's jackets. for stuff like 'math and statistics' or 'engineering' or 'music department.' it is kind of awesome. and it is cold! good thing for lots of scarves ^^

wow. this week was so GREAT! we had a rockin' Halloween party on Saturday night! seriously, it was good! kind of crazy and scattered, but everyone had a good time. We had lots of members there and so many of our English class students...some great fellowshipping went on! Sister Fudge and I made tons of little spiders and other decorations, games (cake walk and ring toss and the like), and then the ward did dinner. SUCCESS! Bishop gave his stamp of approval. The missionaries always have one, but they haven't done it with the ward. just with English class. It was really good to mix the two groups. and a wonderful note to leave Bongcheon on. because....

I am getting TRANSFERRED! so sad! I have loved these past 6 months (can you believe how the time has flown?) in this area. I have grown so much. It was in this area that I learned to love kimchi and ride the bus and navigate the subway. I learned to laugh at myself more, to love others more, and to rely on the Savior more. I truly LOVE my ward. SO MANY tears! yesterday at church I just cried and cried as I sat next to Sister Pak. and her adorable son and husband, who, by the way, came to the Halloween party and comes to church like every week! AND they both went to Gospel Principles yesterday! yes! I love them so. 봉천 has become home.

I am leaving for Pyeong Tek. to be a trainer. It will be an adventure! because guess what? I am training AND opening the area for sisters AND being sister training leader. what?! yeah. lots of prayers! but I know how much God helps His missionaries, so it will be fine. more than fine! it will be a MIRACLE!

speaking of miracles, yesterday we taught a great lesson. the only one all week! we have this week sister in our ward who is mentally handicapped and her friend is as well. so we started teaching her friends yesterday. She wants to be baptized. We taught very simply, and that was the best part. She kept asking how to pray, so we taught her. "when do I need to pray?" "every morning, and night. and we pray before we eat." "ok. I will pray. every morning. every night. before I eat." she has a simple and childlike faith...just like we all should. We introduced the Book of Mormon and had to tell her again and again that she didn't need to read the whole thing. She is lovely! 

and a personal miracle for me was that I actually could explain things to her! I felt like I was saying the right thing. the language is still so frustrating to me...possibly the hardest thing! but I live for the tiny moments when I feel the Spirit working through me and I know in my heart that I am a successful missionary. My Korean is still so poor, but it is coming. slowly. the Lord is letting me study Korean and patience! ^^ 

for the whole month of October we only taught 7 lessons. and getting letters from my other missionary friends, who don't have enough time to teach all the lessons they have investigators different here! I thought that a lot...why we are sent to where we are. and I still don't have a great answer, I know that we are servants of God, where HE needs us to be. and this month, Sister Fudge and I talked to more that 260 people! 260 children of God. and that is amazing to me.

I love you all so much! I am grateful everyday for you. Be examples of the believers! I know that our Savior lives and loves us. God is real. Heaven will be in our hearts if we allow it.

have a great week!
Love, Sister Bassett

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