Sunday, March 30, 2014


Dear Family-
This week. I loved it. Two experiences I had strengthened my testimony and deepened my understanding of the Plan of Salvation.
first, TEMPLE. we watched the new video and I just CRIED. it was also the first session I have gone to in Korean, and that was amazing. We had headsets, but I only put it in one ear. And I really tried to understand the Korean. and I was surprised how much I got! I mean, it helped that I have heard it so many times. But it was beautiful! I cannot describe it...I just FELT God's love. That plan was made for YOU and ME and each of us. God has provided us a Savior. He has made a way for us to return to Him. He absolutely desires to have each of us home again.
second, we taught the Plan of Salvation to the less active sister that we are redoing the discussions with. It just FEELS RIGHT. eveytime I testify and teach of the Plan of Happiness, the truth of it is confirmed to my own heart. Her nonmember friend was also there. It is an amazing privilege and blessing to tell other people that they are children of God.
I gave a talk in church on Sunday about that...God's love for each of us. It is real. If we will search for it, His love will never be hard to find.
xoxo, Sister Bassett

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