Sunday, March 2, 2014


hello family!

this week I bought a flower. a little pink ranuncula. Just a little bit of color for our home. it makes me so happy! so Ross can have his onion and I can look at my flower.

BYU Provo! that is still crazy to me. and so far removed. I am really happy! and grateful to Heavenly Father. I just have this knowing feeling that I need to be there, and I'm grateful for God's help in recognizing that and getting me there.

At English class on Wednesday, we have this 9 year old girl who comes with her dad. And this week, the dad brought his friend with his 6 year old daughter! The dads just sit in the back and the girls listen. So on Wednesday, I just sat with her and tried to teach colors (she is 4 years old American age) but she just wanted to chat! She talked to Korean...for a good 30 or 40 minutes. About everything! it was adorable. Hopefully her twin sister will also come this next week!

also. We ordered 배달...Korean food delivery. But its not like in the states. They deliver ANYTHING you could want. really fast. and they find your house. even ours! It is hard to find because it is tucked behind this big motel and another building. So they called, I gave our address and a few directions, and BAM! 10 minutes later, 자짱면 (this really good noodle stuff with black bean sauce. sounds strange...its delicious.)and chicken and pickled raddish (YUM) shows up. They bring it in real dishes, not Styrofoam. And then, a few hours later they come and pick up your dirty dishes. it. is. awesome.

As missionaries, we are always offering to serve or help people..."ask the missionaries! they can help!" But this week, someone actually asked us! yipee! Our branch president is moving back to America, so on Thursday we spent a few hours with his the house and helping them get ready. She is the sweetest lady and almost started crying when she said thank you! It was so good. I loved being in her home and doing just a little bit of service.

Part of being a missionary is figuring out how the Spirit works with us, and with others. I had an experience this week that reminded me how special the Spirit's guidance is. We had lunch with a sister in our ward. She is in her 60's, has no children, and her husband is not a member. After a delicious meal, she packed us a big bag of food to take home...true Korean style! For our "message" Sister Goines and I had decided to share in 1 Nephi 17:50-51 about Nephi building the ship...that if "God had commanded (him) to do ALL things, (he) could." so why not build a ship? After we shared it, she thanked us. But it wasn't what she needed. She started telling us about some challenges and struggles she was facing. Near the end of her talking, I still didn't know what exactly what she was talking about. So when she asked "what should I do?" I had no answer. BUT God did. The scripture 2 Nephi 32:3 came to mind...that the words of Christ will tell us everything that we should do. We turned to that scripture and read it together. I shared my own thoughts...that when I face a difficult situation, the words of Christ usually have an answer. THAT was what she needed. We could tell. It was a testimony builder for me that even if I don't know what people need, God does. That's why HE is in charge. not me.

I love you all! Heavenly Father is in charge of His missionary work and He is involved in each of our lives. 

all my love! Sister Bassett

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